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20th May 2010, 07:13 AM
When selecting a breeder, should you be able to find their dogs listed on the OFA website? I have noticed some people tell me that their dogs are OFA, CERF, and Cardiac clear however I cannot find anything on the OFA site..so does that mean they may well be clear just not registered on OFA? Or should I stay away from these..

Thanks in advance!

20th May 2010, 02:31 PM
When registering info with the OFA the dog's owner has the option of keeping the results confidential. So you won't be able to search all of the animals listed in the OFA even, only those results released publicly.

Regardless of whether a breeder lists with the OFA you need to make certain that heart certification is from the last 12 months. Some breeders will sneakily put results from the dog's auscultation at age 2-3, then never post future results publicly. Finding the dates on the OFA website is not as straightforward as it ought to be, so a dog who develops MVD before age 5 could still be OFA registered as having clear heart.

Eye certification is a lifetime certification, although I have known breeder who visited an ophthalmologist annually with their dogs.

23rd May 2010, 03:39 AM
Idk why but some breeders choose not to send results to OFA. Ask to see copies they have from vets and specialist. Personally I would not trust a breeder that doesn't give results through OFA in US.