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20th May 2010, 11:49 AM
This Article ,written by Jessica Holm has just appeared in this week's DOG WORLD ,and might be of a wee bit of interest to the List Members.

She starts off by saying that the MATE SELECT ,an Idea from the Kennel Club with Great Merit.

She mentions that the Kennel Club has recently launched an initiative to try and improve the Quality of Mates Selected for Bitches ,at least in Respect of their Genetic Health.

That Kennel Club proposes to build a Unique Database that will better enable People to find a Suit-able Mate for their Bitch,and the greatest Benefit has to be that it just won't be available to Experienced Dog Breeders ,but to occasional Pet Breeders ,also to prospective Puppy Buyers ,who will be able to access information on the likely Health of a Particular Puppy that they are interested in buying.

This will be an ONLINE SCHEME.

Professor Jeff Sampson ,the KC's Chief Scientific Advisor ,is quoted as saying ,that the KC has been working with Scientists to develope Estimated Breeding Values for many years .

Those EBV's are based on very complicated calculations ,such as the Prevalance of certain Diseases in a Particular Breed or the Size of the Gene Pool.

He further said, that the DATABASE is the First of it's Kind to be able to Compute all this Information and to Tell Breeders,not only which TWO DOGS will Produce the Healthiest Off-Spring,but which Pairings will have the most Positive Effect on the Overall Health of that Breed.

This Database will also include an Analysis of the Degree of IN-BREEDING ,in any chosen Paring Gleaned from the KC's.
own Pedigree Database.

That the Larger this Scheme becomes ,the less it will depend on the Participation of the Current Flavour of the Month on the Dog Scene.

It is suggested that the Database should be up and running by the end of this year,and the Mate Select Option will be Online at the end of 2011

The Article concludes ,that the Climate is at the right time for this Initative from the Kennel Club, in that many of the Public are now so much more aware of the problems when trying to Select for a Healthy Puppy.


20th May 2010, 07:46 PM
Bet yes it is an interesting article by Jessica Holm,

One can read heaps more information about it on Carol Fowler's website and notice a few interface screen images with the name "Mate Selection Program". Yes a way to breed away from inherited disease in all dog breeds.

In some ways the KC can claim its groundbreaking particularly in the online interface and will be available to all, but some Guide Dog breeding centers and even various animal farmers were using EBVs well over a decade ago.