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30th May 2010, 03:36 AM
A few questions for those of you using Prilosec... My girl with suspected SM (we have been to the neurologist and I have shown her videos of her behaviors and neuro agrees that they are textbook symptoms) is on 100 mg Gabapentin 3/day, 29 mg of Previcox 1/day, and 5 mg of Prilosec 1/day. This has all been directed by the neurologist.

Anyway, I was doing 10 mg of Prilosec but my girl was occasionally vomiting bile so the neuro had me cut her down to 5 mg and feed her small meals throughout the day so her tummy would never be empty. This has helped a lot with the vomiting (I do have her bloodwork done every few months, so that is all in order). In reading over the Tips for Living with SM, it looks like other dogs are on a much higher dose of Prilosec. Is 5mg even enough to be effective?

Also, I read in that thread where someone gives the Prilosec on its own. I have been giving it to her with the Gabapentin for her mid-day dose. The neuro never mentioned giving it alone. Is that necessary? I also read elsewhere that the Prilosec should not betaken with food.

Her symtoms (scratching at the head/neck, air scratching with her back right leg, bunny hopping when walking, fly-catching, occasionally curving er body around when on lead, digging at her bedding etc) seem to be controlled for the most part, though I can tell when the meds are wearing off and it's time for another dose.

30th May 2010, 08:27 PM
My 6 year old, Jeszel, was on Prilosec along with Gabapentin. I was directed to give the Prilosec at least 2 hours apart from the Gabapentin because it could make the Gabapentin not absorb correctly/enough. Jeszel had loose stool from the Prilosec, so I recently switched her to Tagamet. I also give her this at least 2 hours apart from the Gabapentin.

I know all the meds per day can be difficult, but I use a cat timer feeder that is set to open when I'm not at home or alseep. I wrap the pills/capsules with Greenies pill pockets, which are not the healthiest ingredients and I normally only feed her organic treats, etc., however, Jeszel likes the taste so she grabs the pills out of the feeder right away. Jeszel gets meds 6 times per day so this method makes that possible.

30th May 2010, 09:09 PM
Thank you-- I'm surprised I was never told this information. Your method of giving the pills sounds like it works well-- especially since I have to arrange my schedule with her meds schedule in mind. It wouldn't work for me, though, because I have 2 other Cavaliers who loooove to eat and they would eat the pill pocket up before her, in a heartbeat. :)

I give her pills with spray cheese (the Easy Cheese in a can) and even then, if I'm not careful she will spit them out!

One thing I do that has made it so much easier on me (and when I have to have other people watch her) is to organize her pills each week in a pill organizer that is labeled with the days of the week and times. This way, I always know whether I have given her meds to her and any petsitters know what is due at what time.

31st May 2010, 11:24 AM
There seems to be some debate amongst neurologists over whether there needs to be a gap between the meds. I've heard both sides!

A pill organiser is a great help in managing SM medications. I always send Leo off for home boarding with his pill organiser too. It gets easy to forget if you have or have not given a pill when you are giving them several times a day. Leo is easy to give pills to -- even just a bit of butter suits him as a pill pocket! :lol:

The auto feeder is a great idea -- add that to the tips for dogs with SM if you haven;t! :)

18th June 2010, 09:36 PM
In chatting with another SM Cavalier owner, she told me that Dr. Marino at LIVS does recommend giving the Prilosec 2 hours before or after Gabapentin as it can interfere with the efficacy of the Gabapentin if given together.