View Full Version : Young male, 1 year, needs URGENT foster

4th June 2010, 09:43 PM
I need a space right away for this guy, who came in today. He does not seem to get along with other dogs -- at least not with males -- females might be better, but a foster should assume he will need to be kept separated at least initially. Or he'd be a good foster for a home without any dogs. He is only young though and with some ind training, this will likely pass.

This poor fellow, still just a puppy (he is only just turning one), has been left as a garden dog day and night and has not had many chances to meet other friendly dogs. He had no training at all in his previous home, and so is energetic and excitable. He needs a kind foster who can start to do some basic 'no free lunch' training -- eg teaching him a few little basics such as to sit, then ask for sits regularly before he gets to go for a walk, while on a walk, before he gets his food bowl, etc. This will help him gain confidence and learn better self control too! :)

He needs foster long enough for me to get him neutered and homed. I would also consider a foster with an eye to keeping him. A condition of homing is a basic training class at Dog Training Ireland, to get him started on his right foot...oops, paw! :lol:

He has not been in a great situation and has not really been wanted. He is with a kind person in the Dublin area who got him out of the previous situation but is not getting along with her dog and thus, needs a place asap.

7th June 2010, 12:09 PM
This guy is sorted in foster.