View Full Version : Do you 'worry about and do dumb things' in training? LOL

7th June 2010, 10:59 AM
Here's a great post (http://www.dogspelledforward.com/real-mans-guide-to-dog-training-dominance-is-not-leadership-part-1) on some behaviour and training truths about dogs.

Here's a taster of why we so often train in an unproductive, even counterproductive, way:

Some would have us believe there is some sort of undisputed “pack leader” that maintains control of all of the good stuff – food, beds, preferred seating, first out the door etc. The “pack leader” establishes this by consistently taking control of said things.

This just doesn’t exist in nature with wolves. Packs are family units and if you don’t like the status quo, you don’t try to commandeer the good stuff: you leave and start your own pack. (In captivity wolves do struggle for priority access to resources but this is, by its very nature, an unnatural situation.) This book, Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation, has discussions on true pack dynamics based on actual observations of how wolves act in nature. (Fancy that!) The book’s editor can be seen here in an oft-cited discussion talking about the “alpha wolf” and how he used the term when he knew a lot less about wolves than he does now.

That’s how science works: it changes as we learn more.

There are great links in the post and more explanation so you can ramble around and get lots of background information if you'd like! :)