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15th June 2010, 11:47 PM
After posting on jellys itchy tummy in May we've been to the vets a few times trying to help her,nothing much was helping then last week I could clearly see a blister on her tummy so rushed her to the vets to show them & she is allergic to grass :(Vet said try to keep her off any grass but i said that would be impossible as we live next to & walk every day in the woods & her life would not be very happy if she couldnt chase her ball across the fields.It is a contact allergy across her tummy & inner thighs where she has very little fur but her paws are better the vet says the skin is thicker there& no spots anywhere else where she does have fur.She got a steroid injection & is on antibiotics for 10 days to stop the spots getting infected.

Apart from keeping her away from grass ive to wipe her down with baby wipes after each walk,& Jels is letting me yay!Do any of you have any other ideas how i can help her with this?I know on my original post a few people said it was quite common & grass allergy was what we all thought it was going to be,poor girl

16th June 2010, 05:54 AM
poor thing... my 2 year old tri Maggie is allergic to grass as well... she gets a bath once a week with an oatmeal based shampoo from her derm... in the US we've used both epi-soothe and eti-derm. and we have been treating successfully with atopica, but have begun allergy shots (since the atopica can be hard on their systems long term).

it's controlled so well that Maggie can play on the grass but if that bath is even a day late her poor little eyes and belly would get VERY red. miserable for her.

do you know if Jelly has other allergies? our derm explained that it's a threshold, and many things can contribute. so since you can't prevent her from being around grass, there may be other things you can help control? for Maggie, she has a serious flea allergy too - we switched from frontline to comfortis and by controlling *both* all her symptoms have gone way down.

oh and remember to wash out her bedding regularly too - they can track all kinds of contact allergens with those pretty slippers. hope this helps and good luck with your poor itchy sweetheart. <3

Zoe bowie
16th June 2010, 08:23 AM
Not sure if it would work, but what about putting a t-shirt or baby grow type of thing on her when out walking, would this help prevent her skin being in contact with the grass or at least minimise it???

Poor Jelly, hope she gets some relief soon :xfngr:

16th June 2010, 02:46 PM
Hi Tupup

My last cavalier had grass mite and chlorphyll allergies treated with homeopathic remedies of grass and seed remedy and urtica urens. Urtica is very good for itching. Vets only answer at the time was steroids and I decided to go homeopathic route and not too happy with steroids and was using them for about six months of year ie all grass cutting season. Hope this helps.