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20th June 2010, 12:57 PM
We went for a day out for our Anniversary, we took the ferry over to Rothesay and had a lovely day, no children, great weather, lovely lunch, but even better, I met 3 lovely cavaliers. Most cavalier owners I have met so far start telling me of their dogs lovely nature then list their health problems! These 3 owners didn't have a complaint between them which made a lovely change.
The first was a little tri, who was mostly black coated and just gorgeous, her owner told me that after she got her she realised she was from a puppy farm but hadn't had any problems with her, which was really lucky.
I was thinking on a tri or blenheim but on the ferry was a black and tan dog who was just stunning, and comical, he kept trying to get in my handbag,:) Even my OH liked his colouring and he's not that interested in which colour we get, so he says!
It's just good to know there are happy healthy cavaliers out and about after all :)

20th June 2010, 04:07 PM
i took my ruby to a carnival yesterday and it was wonderful - apart from all the socialisation she had we met about 7 cavs ! most were blenhiem but also saw a gorgeous black and tan he was lovely.. there were lots of other dogs and it was good for ruby as she is timid with them (shes a real people dog) and she got quite friendly with some of them . everytime i spotted a cavalier in the distance i made sure we got near enought to say hi . :l*v: two of the owners had owned cavs that lived to 15 years .