View Full Version : New video: teaching your puppy/dog to love being left alone at home

23rd June 2010, 01:38 PM
This is a great intro to how to train your dog to be fine alone at home -- works for puppies or adults:


Cathy T
23rd June 2010, 04:28 PM
Very timely posting Karlin :) John and I left for the movies last night. J&S have freedom in the family room/kitchen and Micah has a large pvc type tall x-pen he goes in with a bed and some toys. We got home 3 1/2 hours later to find Micah in the kitchen with Jake!! He had (I assume) pounded and pawed on the door enough to get it open. There was....sitting in the kitchen....pen door wide open. Little stinker!! Thankfully nothing was chewed, no messes anywhere and no one seemed to be worse for the wear. Today I'm going to pen him, go out back and watch to see what he does. I will foil this little man....he's not going to get the best of me :D:D