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23rd June 2010, 07:14 PM
hi all
macy had a seizure last monday evening while out walking. this was her third one and quite prolonged. the first two were in jan, on the same day and short in duration. i did ring the vet that day and they advised to keep an eye on her and watch for clustering etc but all was ok and she recovered well from them. monday evening was alot different, i realised straight away what was happening and luckily my other half was driving home from work and saw me on the side of the road with her. we drove to the on call vet and her temp was up to 41.5! it took 3 lots of stesolide to break the seizure. she is now on phenobarbitone till we get the results of a second round of bloods, the first came back clear and she had a liver scan which was clear too. so fingers crossed for my poor baby who will be 2 in july and any advice (or pointers for the vet) would be helpful. thanks

Love my Cavaliers
23rd June 2010, 08:30 PM
i don't have experience with seizures and cavaliers, but my German Shepherd had seizures for the last seven years of her life. Never did find out the reason for them, even after an MRI. She had grand mal siezures which are terrifying to watch in a big dog. She suffered for about three to four years with them until we hit on the right combination of medications. She would have 7 to 10 of them in a row sometimes and would end up spending days in the emergency hospital while they tried to stabilize her. She finally settled down on a combination of phenobarb and potassium bromide. The potassium had to be formulated at a special pharmacy 2 hours from my house, but they would mail it to me. Because the phenobarb made her very relaxed, she started just dribbling urine. She was then put on propanol(? - not sure if that's the right name) and that stopped her peeing during the day. The combination of medications finally worked for her and she didn't have another major seizure - and no more clustering - for the last 3 years of her life. Macy is a lot younger than my GSD was when she started having seizures, so I hope you have luck soon figuring out the right course of treatment.