View Full Version : lame!

26th June 2010, 07:57 PM
ruby had a very slight limp on thursday it disappeared yesterday but when she woke up today she couldnt put any weight at all on it :( wisked her to the vet who luckily fitted me in and she thinks she has sprained her shoulder . said she couldnt feel anything out of place so she has given me doggie version of ibuprofen ad told me to rest her with no walks at all :lpy: and no stairs etc . try teling that to a dog who lives for her ball and walks. so have been in garden all day and even filled a paddling pool for her to keep her occupied lol. hopefully will soon be healed . sadly saw a lady get out of a taxi holding a little terrier in a blanket and crying . she stood outside as i was waiting for my lift home so i asked her if she was ok and if she was having him pts and she said yes hes 18 but i cant go in . i talked to her a bit and told her of my dog id had pts at 18 and i patted him he looked up and was cloudy eyed and looked weak . i told her she was doing the kindest thing for him and asked if she wanted me to stay with her .. she said im ok now thanks and went inside . i just hope it went as well as it could . we waited outside for a good while as hubby said we could offer her a lift home but she didnt come out for ages . wish i had waited longer though . sorry just wanted to share with peope who would understand... i havent stopped thinking about her all day .