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30th June 2010, 11:06 PM
hi there,

I am rather concerned about incidents that have happened tonight,our b&T Mischa is now 6 months old she has always been greedy from the day she came home but tonight whilst me and my partner were clearing up after eating our tea Mischa 'went for' and 'snapped & growlled' at one of our other cavaliers Millie (millie is 3.5 yrs quiet and non-confrontational but can be naughty around food) I need to add that I can't imagine that she would have done this to Maisy who is the boss.We think it may have been over a scrap of accidently dropped food but non of us saw it as it happened so fast.My partner shouted at her and she stopped................... about 10 mins later i went upstairs and heard a commotion going on..............i ran down stairs and my partner said that he had just had to pull the puppy of Millie as she had gone for her again but this time for no apparent reason:huh:.He had picked the puppy up and put her outside to cool off.

At her mealtimes the puppy gets fed in the kitchen on her own as she would cause havoc if in with her three sisters by wolfing down their food and most probably being confrontational to get it from them.I also don't know if there could be a link but she has recently started to bark incessently and fly at other dogs whilst on her walks (she is ALWAYS on lead) she does'nt seem to care how big they are and won't stop until they are out of view.

Any advice or suggestions guys???

Many thanks in advance.

1st July 2010, 08:20 PM
I feed out two dogs separately, its just easier that way. We used to give them kongs but it just caused rows so I stopped it. Charlie even snapped at me once when I tried to take it off him (well he had his and sams in his bed!!).

What is the back like on the walks? Is it a yap or a bark?

Charlie yaps at everything on his walk when he is on the lead but its because he is a nervous dog not aggressive. This is why he is very protective of his toys and the kong.

Regarding the fighting all you can do is watch them however they will sort it out themselves.

Charlie gives Sam some awful nips but usually its when he is trying to sleep and Sam is annoying him trying to get him to chase him. They sort it out though and Sam usually gives up!!

Other then that they are best of friends and Charlie sleeps on top of Sam ha ha, lucky Charlie is the skinny one!!

1st July 2010, 10:08 PM
Yep its a yap on the walks rather than an aggressive bark as if she wants to say hello and play but sometimes it can be a bit OTT,we have taken all four of them out as usual tonight and mischa has, to be honest been impeccably behaved.:rah:
Also this morning i have picked up mischas food bowl and asked her to sit for a treat then returned her bowl with no fuss whatsoever but then again she has never been aggressive towards me or her dad with food.Last night i also had all four of them sitting beautifully whilst handing out treats with no problems at all...............looks to me as if it was just a squabble over a droppped bit of chicken.............am just keeping more of an eye on them and will start putting mischa back into her x pen whilst we eat our meals and not let her out until the table has been cleared and all food in the bin.:)
:xfngr: it was just a squabble and like your dogs sam T they are all the best of friends.

1st July 2010, 10:42 PM
Molly is a monster when it comes to food, she is just so greedy, I am sure she is doggy dustbin, I had a couple of issues with her when she was younger. We very gently taught her to wait for her food while we gave Dougall his. Then, we would let her scoff hers in two seconds flat then tell her to wait again until Dougall finishes and of course now Dotty. We seem to have overcome the initial problems by teaching her the wait word. :)

2nd July 2010, 12:24 PM
Oh it was chicken!!! My two go mad for chicken ha ha if Im cooking it Sam will go into the kitchen and stare at the counter ha ha. After we eat he runs over to the bin in the hopes that we drop something while clearing away ha ha!! Some of them are just food mad. Charlie doesnt bother!!! So funny the way they are so different.

If its a yap then its probably just excitement. Our two go mad when we get to the park, its embarrassing but after 3 years I dont mind if people look at us.

2nd July 2010, 06:52 PM
We were eating chicken breast on the bone and salad so i can only presume we may have dropped a bit :confused:

Yeah our millie will dance behind us to the bin in the hope we drop some.where as megan and maisy are not bothered.The pup is just a dustbin though she will eat anything and wolfs her food down in two seconds.

Yep, all our four are soooo different funny that........
We have had not had any more problems just ate their tea fine.will stay vigilant when food around.;)