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2nd July 2010, 08:15 AM
Hi everyone!

It has been long since I posted here anything and Minni has turned from a clumsy little puppy to a graceful little lady.

But now, as she was first time in heat, her behavior changed completely. She was perfectly obedient before, but now she's a horror. :eek: She doesn't want to listen to commands, when I try to make her sit or give paw or wait, she starts whining A LOT, like she doesn't like to do it at all! Plus, she became really excited and easily distracted, especially in the streets. She will never listen to me when we are in the street, when a human or a dog goes past, she is "flying" on her leash, but never listens to commands. When I try to make her sit and distract with a treat, no can do. She just whines and tries to watch at the human/dog, without really wanting even to look at me! :shifty:

Plus, she all the time tries to be Alpha! It is like I've tried everything, but she is extremely stubborn - she always tries to go first, pull on the leash, not to listen to commands etc., etc. When we are walking and I try to make her walk behind me, she first tries to sneack in forward in between my legs and if it doesn't work, then she starts to jump at me! She is obedient only more or less at home, when nothing distracts her, or when she is really tired.

I would appericate any advice on this situation.

http://www.qtl.co.il/img/copy.pnghttp://www.google.com/favicon.ico (http://www.google.com/search?q=P.S.%20I%20forgot%20to%20add%20-%20when%20we%20are%20walking%20and%20I%20try%20to% 20make%20her%20walk%20behind%20me,%20she%20first%2 0tries%20to%20sneack%20in%20forward%20in%20between %20my%20legs%20and%20if%20it%20doesn%27t%20work,%2 0then%20she%20starts%20to%20jump%20at%20me%21)http ://www.qtl.co.il/img/trans.png

Kate H
3rd July 2010, 11:24 AM
As no-one has so far answered your post, I'll plunge in, though it is a long time since I had a bitch! Almost all dogs go through a stroppy teenager phase, when they behave as if they have never had a lesson in their life! But apart from perhaps being naturally bossy(!), Minni's problems might be connected with her season? Her hormones could be all over the place - one of the reasons that some people prefer male Cavaliers is that they feel that unspayed bitches are less attentive and more erratic in temperament. Your vet might be able to help with something to calm down the hormones - or if you are intending to spay Minni anyway, three months after a season, when she will be over a year old, would be an excellent time to do it.

Apart from that, all I can suggest is firmness - not being nasty, but making clear what is and is not acceptable behaviour, if possible before you come alongside other dogs and people - and backed up with a distracting toy or treat. I'm having to do this with my (unnneutered) Oliver, who has become very protective of Aled with other dogs. A sharp 'Oliver, behave yourself' as we approach other dogs seems to be gradually working, plus a telling off if he barks and growls, and a reward if he manages to walk past quietly.

Sorry I can't be more help - it's so embarassing when our gentle spaniels turn into lunatics in public!

Kate, Oliver (the 9-year-old teenager!) and Aled