View Full Version : My dogs haircut has affected his symptoms?

2nd July 2010, 11:25 AM
Hi this is my first post here, I have a 9 year old black and tan Cavalier with MVD :( He's still a very happy dog, but he hacks and coughs quite a fair amount of times in the day especially when he gets too excited.

I noticed him struggling in the heat and so last night i took him to the doggy hairdressers, they shaved all his hair, from his long ears to his feathering because I thought this would be best for him. He's always been small but now he looks like hes only a few weeks old, and apart from this, when i bought him home he was like a new dog. Jumping around showing off his new hairdo :D .. with no coughing or hacking at all for the whole night. I cant believe the difference loosing all his hair has made.

I guess my question is, how can the heat affect his MVD?

2nd July 2010, 09:57 PM
I am not experienced with cavs or MVD other than Charlie my 8yo blenheim who recently got diagnosed with advanced MVD.

In my opinion I would say the heat most definitely affects the dog. I have done exactly the same thing and shaved Charlie right down to short hair and you are right, they lose the look of a KCS completely. I have added some pics to my profile and you will see on previous occasions when he has had his haircut he doesnt look like a cav. He has been mistaken for a pup many a time after the doggy barbers and yet we never got him until he was 3/5.

Back to the question, the coughing is worsened by the leaking heart valves and over exertion makes the heart beat faster, speeding up the leaking. When Charlie is hot, he pants (predictably) - and this panting alone speeds up the heart etc........

Someone more experienced may contradict this, but I think for definite. If your Charlie will allow it you could try damp towels for him/her to lay on - this didnt work for my Charlie, he seems to be sleeping anywhere but blankets and beds at the moment, but it might assist in cooling your doggy friend :) I put ice cubes in his water bowl too, he seems to appreciate that

3rd July 2010, 12:32 PM
Sounds most likely to be the heat....
Leo doesnt have MVD (Thankfully) but even he has been slouchy and lethargic in the recent heatwave:o
Great that he's feeling better though:jmp: