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8th July 2010, 09:42 AM
Great mention is made from the Kennel Club in this week's DOG WORLD about their Accredited Breeders Scheme about Breed Specific Requirements and Recommendations.

Not a word about our Cavalier Breed and the two Serious Health Problems afflicting Cavaliers, SM and MVD.

Surely when the Cavalier Breed is known to have those two Serious Disease ,it would be so easy for the Kennel Club not to accept Cavalier Registrations from Accredited Breeders whose Cavaliers have those Diseases, infact not even to have those Cavalier Breeders as Accredited Breeders.

What might be even more disturbing to read from a Prospective Cavalier Buyer's Point of View, is the mention that the changes mentioned have come about as a direct result of a Request to the KC from Breed Clubs and Breed Councils ,that the Accredited Breeders Scheme has been developed to work closely with Breeds in order to Tailor the Scheme to their Specific needs.

There were 4 newly Elected UK CKCS Club Members onto the Committee who are not Accredited Breeders,does this mean that they will not be co-operating with the KC with their Accredited Breeders Scheme.

The Article in Dog World mentions that Breed Specific requirements and Recommendations for the ABS are updated twice a year ,
the next round of Changes will be announced in January 2011, I wonder if the UK CKCS Club Committee will have contacted the KC by then about what can be being done about the suffering of our Cavaliers from SM and MVD by the Cavalier Breeders who are Accredited Breeders.