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8th July 2010, 01:45 PM
I havnt posted on the boards for ages and havnt been on the website for ages either, took Charlie to the vets recently and he said that he has a strong heartbeat and he dosnt have any fluid on his lungs like he did before. He had a grass seed in his ear a few days ago which the vet managed to get out because he said that he really didnt want to sedate him because of his heart.
We dont take him for walks like we used to because whenever we do when he gets home his breathing is very fast and irregular for at last an hour or more.

He just dosnt seem like himself anymore, he's always tired and all he ever does is sleep and go out in the garden to do his 'business' i worry about him alot and i cant help thinking about him dying :( :(

When we go to the vets there always seems to be people there crying because there dog or cat or whatever has died and im scared that one day that will be me, and every day that passes is getting closer to it :( :(

I do try not to think about it but i cant help it now that he has a bad heart and everything and he just seems so different than he was....

Brian M
8th July 2010, 02:10 PM
Hello Charlotte:)

Chin up please Charlotte you still have Charlie:) with you so pls take care of him as you do and every day is a fresh day and he will probably be with you for years and years so enjoy your gorgeous boy every single day cos hes not going anywhere for a long ,long time .:):):):):):):)

8th July 2010, 02:18 PM
Hi Charlotte:

Glad that Charlie has improved and the fluid is under control. If he isn't being seen by a vet cardiologist I would strongly recommend this as it will give him the best possible care just as going to a cardiologist for a human will bring a significantly more focused and fine-tuned level of care than from a GP. A cardiologist will make sure he stays with you as long as possible and may well be able to adjust his meeds so he gets a lot more vim back than he currently has. :

8th July 2010, 02:18 PM
So sorry to read that Charlie has no energy at the moment, the hot weather that we have been having may not have helped him with his bad heart. Jasper does sleep a lot but he does still enjoy his walks. Please don`t dwell on Charlie`s illness and try and just enjoy him, dogs with bad heart can live a good life with monitoring by vets and medication.

8th July 2010, 09:41 PM
Hang in there Charlotte. It's tough when your little one gets this way and it's natural to worry... give him some time and I'm sure when the weather cools off he'll come around and get a bit more energy. Please visit the boards and keep us updated... we're here for you and know exactly what things like this are like!!:hug:

9th July 2010, 08:04 AM
Thanks everyone for the support :)