View Full Version : Egg white sugar and water for sick puppy?

11th July 2010, 09:51 PM
Molly has been sick friday and saturday night, she seemed find today howver I gave her rice and chicken just to make it easy on her tummy.....when I got back in having left her for around 2 hourd this evening the poor pet had made anawful mess of her cage lets just say it was from both ends poor pet.......she is still in good form and busy beating the cat up!!

I rang emergencypet and he advised to give her egg white sugar and water, is this simething anyone has done before?

Will bring her down to the clinic tomorrow....emergency vet thinks it should like a food allergy, she was put on Royal canine by vet two weeks ago so it could be

Zoe bowie
11th July 2010, 10:11 PM
Never heard of this, but if you ring Paul Kelly, he is an amazing vet, he can give you advice, tell him you got his number from me...he is always on call..no is 087 273 9802. I can't see how eggs, sugar & water could help!!

11th July 2010, 10:21 PM
thanks I tried it but Molly just barked at the bowl and looked at me like I had two heads...she seems fine in herself still running around as always and making sure she drinks plenty of water.

I went to anicare in palmerstown two weeks ago for a check up so was going to bacK there.....never thought I would have so many trips to vet!! Thanks for Pauls number where is he based? I hopefully wont need to disturb him on a Sunday evening, but if she is sick again or gets any worse I will defo give him a call. Seems to only set in at night time she is fine all day.

11th July 2010, 11:59 PM
Anicare is excellent and I really like Susan in Palmerstown (she is one of my Rescue vets) -- I probably wouldn't bounce her around between a lot of vets if you are already working with a practice. I've never heard of the egg white approach myself -- the on call vet can come from any range of practices as they share the job in rotation. I would be kind of surprised if this is an allergy when puppies get the runs frequently from all sorts of things. I'd def go to the vet as you always want to watch diarrhea in a young dog. Could be anything from something she ate somewhere to giardia to worms to basic gastroenteritis. Sometimes just changing a food will upset tummies for a while. Royal Canin would be a better diet than anything in the supermarket. You could try James Wellbeloved which tends to be very well tolerated and has a simple ingredients set. But there are other good foods too. Gradually food changes for puppies need to be introduced slowly through slow substitutions over two weeks or so of one food for another. (however that said I've never had much problem just changing over but many dogs do).

I've found lots of puppies that have iffy stomachs generally settle down after about a year of age. Some dogs are also just prone to having gastroenteritis. My Lily is one of these. But it is always worth investigating what the problem is.

What food was she on when she was having no problems? Was the ingredients set very different from Royal Canin?

12th July 2010, 12:11 PM
We are going down to Susan this evening to get looked over she was ok through the night just very quiet in her self this morning...she was on James Wellbeloved and she was fine but I was advised to switch to Royal Canin as she is so small.

I will discuss this again at vet, dont want to keep on changing her food all the time the poor pet.

Poor Molly seems to never be fully right always something...she is still scratching alot so will rasie this again.:(

12th July 2010, 10:03 PM
so Molly was at the vet she thinks it may be that she is not digesting her food or absorbing the nutrients which may be why she is so little....she is now on Hills ID....I will try it and see how she gets on but I do wonder if it just the vets pushing the big brands...Molly seemed fine on James Wellbeloved but vet changed it to Royal Cainiewhich which amde her so sick and now on Hills. I am confused as I want to follow the vets instuctions as they do know best yet I feel Hills in noting short then a posh supermarket brand it is in every vet I have ever gone to.

Anyhow if it works for Molly I guess I will stick with it. Will be going for an MRI in afew month to check out her yelping and scratching....on the upside her little ears are looking good and no skin problems.

I tihnk Molly loves the vet she get so much attention in the waiting room!!!

Zoe bowie
13th July 2010, 09:52 AM
If Molly has been put on Prescription ID it will only be until her tummy is better, I've had my various Cavaliers on this at times of illness and it works a treat, but I wouldn't be keeping her on it indefinitely unless it was REALLY necessary. My advice to you is, you know your dog, you know what she was thriving on and if that was James Wellbeloved, then put her back on that once this illness passes...i was the same for weeks with Penny, trying her on Royal Canine, Luath's Holistic, Science Plan but she had chronic diarrhea and was not thriving-after 2 weeks on Prescription ID I weaned her off and she is now loving Pro Pac sensitive and she has gained weight-which she needed to do badly as she is a year old and was weighing only 7lbs, she now weighs 9.5lbs! I have all mine on the Pro Pac and they are doing well on it. But again if Molly was doing well on James Wellbeloved, put her back on that, but I do think the sensitive is better for Cavaliers you get regular tummy upsets.

I am so happy for you that it wasn't anything too serious cl*p