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13th July 2010, 07:19 PM
I'm looking at the animal planet ckcs book and it had some fun trivia. If anyone wants to share any facts I thought it was cute.

What us president had a cavalier named rex?
Ronald reagan

What princess of russia had a kcs named jimmy who unfortunately died with his family?
Princess anastasia

What famous musician from the us and part of the rat pack known for his blue eyes had a cavalier?
Frank sinatra

I thought it was cute and blame animal planet if its wrong;)

13th July 2010, 07:35 PM
Very interesting trivia. I am a "fan" of the Anastacia story. It's so sad how they were killed... it's even more sad that a little cavalier was caught in the crossfire...

Interesting thread... I always wanted to start one about superstars/famous people with cavaliers. I know that Liv Tyler and Steve Van Zant are cavalier owners, and I think the late Brittany Murphy had one.

13th July 2010, 08:18 PM
This site is pretty good. Has photos of the owners with their cavs


13th July 2010, 09:59 PM
That link is so cool! I am such a celebrity fanatic it is silly. How about getting Kristen Davis (Charlotte from Sex and the City) to speak for Cavalier health:D? Not a chance I bet

13th July 2010, 10:21 PM
Funny, that this thread was started. This past weekend I watched the movie "The Young Victoria" about Queen Victoria. In the movie she had a little tri cavalier named Dash. He was her constant companion. Did anyone else see that movie? It starred Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria. It was a good movie. I googled Dash, and saw his picture. He was an important part of her life, and mentioned frequently in her diary. He was buried at Windsor Castle and this is the epitaph she wrote on his grave. It is very touching.

"His attachment was without selfishness; His playfulness without malice; His fidelity without deceit; Reader if you would live beloved; and die regretted, profit by the example of Dash."

13th July 2010, 11:22 PM
There is an illustrated article about Queen Victoria and Dash on my website. www.cavaliermatters.org (http://www.cavaliermatters.org) (Celebration of this beautiful breed) :-D

14th July 2010, 03:37 PM
I love how the history books (and Queen Victoria's diary) mention that Dash played "Cupid" and gave Albert his 'paw' of approval:-D

team bella
14th July 2010, 08:09 PM
Great thread, love to know owned/owns cavs:)

14th July 2010, 08:43 PM
Princess Margaret also owned a Cavalier.

14th July 2010, 09:45 PM
Irish writer Roddy Doyle and family have two... Irish Cavalier Rescue dogs! :lol:

14th July 2010, 11:16 PM
Kerry Katona has one. I saw in one of the scandal rags that she had originally gotten a blenheim one and then decided she didnt like that colour so changed it for a tricolour.

15th July 2010, 04:04 AM
What !!!!!!! that is like changing your brown-haired child for a blond....How could anyone do that ??????????:eek::eek:

15th July 2010, 05:18 AM
This is fun! I did see the movie about Queen Victoria and she did love dash (how could anyone not love one). What about the story of James II being shipwrecked and ordering the crew to "save the dogs" and then after "save colonel churchill". Is there really still a law about king charles spaniels being allowed anywhere even in Parliament?

15th July 2010, 10:27 AM
That is supposed to be just an ephemeral tale (tail!?). No evidence such a law ever existed or exists now. Sadly!

The Boss
17th June 2011, 07:19 PM
Just seen this on the news....:lol:

Seems heff has an eye for pretty dogs as well...


17th June 2011, 08:46 PM
So glad it isn't Gracie on that cover with a Hef Bunny! At least, not without her fur! he he he!

17th June 2011, 09:37 PM
Oh my....but the man has money, and if he'd talk about our beloved Cavaliers. But it's probably not his, probably the photographers.

17th June 2011, 10:00 PM
I was first!!!!!!!!! :p Anyone remember??:pi*no:

http://i889.photobucket.com/albums/ac95/Lynn_Verlayne/37430_1410865504138_1007505987_31001135_2884070_n. jpg

The Boss
17th June 2011, 10:44 PM
Oh my....but the man has money, and if he'd talk about our beloved Cavaliers. But it's probably not his, probably the photographers.

It was his....his bride to be cleared off and took charlie his beloved cav with her.

17th June 2011, 11:11 PM
I wonder where Crystal got her cavalier. He is gorgeous!

18th June 2011, 04:51 AM
I was first!!!!!!!!! :p Anyone remember??:pi*no:

http://i889.photobucket.com/albums/ac95/Lynn_Verlayne/37430_1410865504138_1007505987_31001135_2884070_n. jpg

I do I do! Love your song!

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19th June 2011, 05:15 AM
Julianne Hough has two Cavaliers, a beautiful two, almost three year old blenheim named Lexi, and she just recently got a precious little tri named Harley! They're ADORABLE!! ;)

http://a2.twimg.com/profile_background_images/270927428/225566_10150171494851456_7331041455_7356783_655720 5_n.jpg