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14th July 2010, 03:32 PM
Sorry but I need to rant about this as I have nobody else who would really understand. I'm sick to my stomach right now. After waiting for the rain to end I got my little girl Eden and the doggies out for our daily walk. We were in our driveway when the neighbour across the street was coming out the door with some visitors. Their dog (an Old English Sheepdog) escaped from their house, charged across the street and instantly grabbed onto Bobby's leg. I had very little time to react. None of her people went after her!!! They just stood there!!! Bobby started screeching and crying. Eden started running back to the house hysterical and Belle was trying to run away all the while I was holding on to their leads trying to push the sheepdog off Bobby. It was CHAOS. There were three teenage girls who came to us but they just looked on while I had to try and control the entire situation. My neighbour had a baby in her arms so she just stood in front of her house asking if everything was ok.
I knew this dog years before we ever got our own dogs and she was always breaking loose from their house/garden. They never walk her, they bred a litter from her and now she's locked up in the back like all of the neighbour's dogs are!!! I tell ya, it's like dog prison around here. Grrrrrrr!
I want to be able to walk my dogs around my neighbourhood without being afraid of being attacked. Several neighbour's dogs break free from their chains and run about the estate. They have never shown aggression, but this one indeed showed it! How do you avoid this type of situation and still have freedom to walk around and live without fear every time you encounter another (loose, stray,etc.) dog?
Now I must say that Bobby barked at her when he saw her coming, which he does a lot, it's not a nasty bark though, it's more of an excited one... could that have triggered her to attack him? I just wish I could have reacted more swiftly and tactfully. I really put myself in between her and Bobby. Luckily she didn't seem interested in attacking me...whew. The neighbour and the girls apologized but I'm still very upset and irritated at this point.

14th July 2010, 03:33 PM
oh sorry, I meant to say "Neighbour's Dog" in the title of the thread.icon_blshing

14th July 2010, 06:01 PM
I think it is outrageous that you cannot step outside your house without fear of being intimidated or attacked by another dog especially when the owners are present. As the owners did apologise, I would leave it another day or so, when you feel a little calmer then I would go and see the owners and gently explain to them how distressed you feel and ask them if they would mind keeping their dog on a lead or keep control of it. If you appeal to them them rather than being hostile or irritated you might find they will try and help to resolve the situation.

I am really sorry for you, I would have freaked out if a dog got hold of mine, I do try to avoid places where there are other dogs but it shouldn't be like that!

14th July 2010, 06:25 PM
What a terrible fright. :( Good advice from Tania as you have to live in the area but you do have the option of reporting the dog to wardens. PS I fixed the heading. :)

team bella
14th July 2010, 07:50 PM
How awful. I can imagine the state you were in trying to save him and keep the other dogs safe. Its difficult when its neighbours. I hope Bobby is ok, and hopefully not injured. :hug::hug:

15th July 2010, 01:34 AM
Thank you for your replies. Everyone is ok. No injuries to Bobby, although she grabbed his bad leg (he has a low grade luxating patella). He seems to have been somewhat traumatized by the incident. Later on we headed for an evening stroll with my husband, and Bob stopped in the driveway and wouldn't budge. It took a bit of coaxing but he walked on sniffing the ground anxiously as he went.
I don't know if I want to talk to the neighbour at all, they're not too friendly anyway! It's an Old English Sheepdog, which you wouldn't think would be a problem, but as with any dog who isn't socialized, it was...
Thank you for changing the heading Karlin!