View Full Version : EZYDOG Harness--- Anybody Use

Brian M
16th July 2010, 02:51 PM

Bought Lily a new harness ,EZYDOG brand they seem to
Originate in US/AUSTRALIA does anybody use and what
comments pls cos if they pass Lilys test I need another three
as I like them all to have the same then they can't argue between
each other .Also got them each a new sheepskin mattress
for the winter to keep them snug and warm but haven't found
them any wellies yet for while we are here.

16th July 2010, 06:12 PM
Hi Brian,
I bought Leo a red EZYDOG harness recently. When we're walking he seems fine on it. It's easy to fit and doesnt appear to rub him under his legs he seems comfy in it.
However we were on a short car journey the other day and instead of using his crate I clipped him in the seat belt in the back with the seat belt clip the harness came with, as soon as I reached my destination Leo wriggled backwards and slipped through the harness:eek:

So he's in the crate now.....everytime......

Have tightened up the harness when we're walking now.


17th July 2010, 08:20 AM
my lab has an ezydog harness AND collar, i love them both they are very strong and seem comfy for her, i may get bella a pink set when she is old enough for walks :)