View Full Version : what made you fall in love with cavi's?? who was your 1st cavi?? xx

17th July 2010, 03:26 PM
i was just wondering what made all you guys fall in love with cavi's? and also who was your 1st ever cavi?

bentley is my 1st and as you are probably are all fully aware i am hooked big time :o my husband said the other night 'im never gonna have a man sized dog again am i??!!' :rolleyes: which promptly made me fire back 'are you saying my baby isn't man enough for you!! ;)
i just love everything about him, he gives so much more than he gets and no matter how bad a day im having his smiley little face when i get home is all i need to lift my mood. i loved sullivan (lab) more than anything but i honestly cant see myself having such a brute of a dog again. sullivan was a one off and we were so lucky to have him as our 1st dog, but i think im gonna want cavi's all the time now. i have made so many friends with cavi owners and having a cavi is like eating pringles. once ya pop ya just cant stop :D


17th July 2010, 04:41 PM
We wanted to give a rescue dog a home. We had no previous experience of owning a dog and went to our local SSPCA on the lookout. For 4 days in a row we had a look about but most of the dogs were a bit on the big side. Elise was only 3 at the time so we needed something fairly small. The centre manager could see we were serious(either that or awful pests) anyway she took us to the puppy room where there was this tiny wee thing. My hubby explained due to our lack of experience a puppy was not a good idea. Anna then explained Sonny was around 2 but so tiny and emaciated due to ill treatment. I was smitten and said to Paul he was the wee fella I wanted. The home had to build him up so we had to wait a few weeks to take him home. At first he was so timid but he soon came to trust us and for the following 8 years he shared his life with us. He was not the lucky one ( as neighbours often told us) it was us. He was one in a million. I miss him every day. My hubby wanted to give another we dog a chance and initially I said no but our home seemed so empty. We have now rehomed another Kaley. It's probably just a coincidence that it's another Cavalier but their nature, devotion to their family have taught the three of us so much. We feel really blessed. :l*v:

17th July 2010, 08:24 PM
Mindy was my first Cavalier. We had a young Golden a the time and we wanted another dog but not one so big. It was suggested to us that Cavaliers have similar personalities in a smaller package. Mindy was 8 months old when she came to us. She came from a breeder who had planned to show her but she hadn't turned out. It was love a first sight. She attached herself to me for the next 11+ years. Sadly, she went to the e bridge in March just a month after her 12th birthday. She had been healthy and relatively active up until this winter (even doing some agility training at 11). I still miss her terribly but I'm so grateful she was in our lives.

When our Golden died just after our youngest moved away to school Mindy was devastated. I had thought they co-existed well but didn't realize how lonely she'd be as an only dog. Since the day I got Mindy I wanted a Cavalier puppy so Max came to live with us in November 2008. He was 8 weeks old and a bundle of energy. By then Mindy was 10. Although I'm sure there were days when she wished to be an only dog Max gave her a new lease on life and she even played with him, chasing him around. Max worshipped the ground she walked on and pretty much made a pest of himself as far as she was concerned. I spent a lot of time playing with him to give her a break. In the summer of 2009 we found a lump in Mindy's lymph gland. Even though the tests (until we finally got the biopsy done) came back negative I suspected cancer. While she was still healthy Rylie came to join us. He and Max played together and he seemed to know that Mindy was the boss. She did, however allow him to snuggle up with her.

The vet was unable to remove Mindy's lump and she started to go downhill from the time of the biopsy. We tried her on a course of low dose chemo to try and delay the inevitable but it sapped all of the energy out of her so we took her off, made sure she was comfy and set out to enjoy the last months we had with her. When the tumour grew to the point it started to affect her breathing we knew it was time to say good-bye. It took Max a long time to get over it. Now I have my two boys and I can't imagine life without them.

18th July 2010, 12:57 AM
I went through a bad depression and was very lonely and I felt a dog would be able to give me the affection I needed. I had a cocker spaniel when I was a child and used to draw pictures of lady from lady in the trap. Flip (my cocker spaniel) was not the kind of dog I needed. I needed a dog that would show affection, snuggle and you know what cavaliers are like. That was the best breed for what I needed. I originally wanted a tri color but I saw this puppy that spoke to me. She fell asleep in my arms and at that moment I fell in love.

It was like God gave me this angel that brought me back to life. Ella's mom was a therapy dog and ella inherited that from her. She not only touched me but has touched many others in nursing homes that just need to be touched and loved.

Unfortunately ella also inheritated SM and was the only one in her litter. I would never change that because when I needed her the most, she was there for me. Now that she needs me, it is a different story. I always thought God gave me Ella to help me. Someone said to me recently that God gave Ella you to help her. I don't believe that but I feel so much love for her I can't even describe.

18th July 2010, 01:15 AM
Lily is my first Cavalier. I did not know anything about the breed when I got her this past May. I was looking for a pup to add to my household and I was looking for a different breed than my dear Dachshund's breed, because of the back issues.

My lawnmower lady had Lily and she wanted to rehome Lily and so I took her. I think my next dog will probably be a Cavalier, too! I love the personality.

18th July 2010, 01:27 AM
Mika is my first Cavalier, but I first saw a picture of a cavalier in my vet's office more years ago then I can count, and I always said that someday I would have one.

It took a lot of years and a few dogs in between, but I was finally in position to get one and actually found a breeder and here she is.

Whatever I fell in love with in the picture has come through a thousand-fold.

heather r
18th July 2010, 08:24 PM
Like Mindys Mom we had had goldens and wanted a 2nd dog not as large. After research we also felt cavaliers were very similar in disposition to goldens. So Abigail is our 1st and we adore her. She took longer to house train than our golden but has made up for that with her sunny and funny personality.

Heather R

18th July 2010, 08:35 PM
I had a friend who was a cavalier owner and she raved about them all the time. We wanted an easy-going family friendly dog big on personality but not too big in size, the cavalier was just right for that. Belle was my first dog ever. I'll never forget the day we got her as a little pup. My eyes met hers and it was love at first sight. I don't know what I would do without her, she's a great comfort... she loves licking the tears from my face. We got Bob because we wanted another one. He was the only one left in his litter, kinda felt sorry for him... he's a clown and a hand-full... but he makes us laugh all the time!

18th July 2010, 08:50 PM
My mum had always wanted a cavalier, and when she first shown me one I fell in love, them deep dark eyes and long floppy ears are beautiful..then we searched and searched, and found Murphy, and he has become my inspiration for my future, and he's become my light in the dark.
Cavalier's personalitys are amazing and there stunning looks and charm are a bonus - After months of research and endless reading about the breed, the health problems do not put me off one bit, and my aim for the future is to help lots of dogs like Murphy(puppy farm dogs) and try to get rid of these health problems .. Murphy is my absolute angel, I just cannot explain how much he means, I will not own any other breed lols. xx

19th July 2010, 06:06 AM
Gracie is our first cav and we are so in love with her! She has been with us for 8 months now and I can't imagine life without her. She brings so much joy into our days!
http://www.picvault.info/images/537103959_resize%20Gracie%20and%20medal%202%20002. jpg

19th July 2010, 09:24 AM
Gracie is our first cav and we are so in love with her! She has been with us for 8 months now and I can't imagine life without her. She brings so much joy into our days!
http://www.picvault.info/images/537103959_resize%20Gracie%20and%20medal%202%20002. jpg


This was over 30 years ago,I had always liked Cavaliers but we never could afford one.

Fleek ,my Husband had a Big Win at the Bookies, for Folk who don't know what a Bookie is, it's where you place Bets for Horse Racing,

So we got Sweep, he was a Blenheim ,but sadly died a only 4 Years of age because of Heart Trouble .

That's what started me trying to help in the Suffering of our Cherished Cavaliers with their Heart Problems


Zoe bowie
19th July 2010, 10:01 AM
I was always fascinated by the porcelain cavalier statues that my granny had on her fireplace, she had a set of the Blenheim & a set of tri-colour; I was so young that I didn't realise that they were porcelain and used to love holding the statues....as I grew older I met my first Cavalier, who was belonged to my Aunt, she was adorable, I REALLY wanted one, but my parents couldn't afford one! We had Trixie who was a black lab x who I loved dearly, so I didn't really mind not having a cavalier.

When I moved out of home and bought my very first house, I knew I wanted a dog, so searched high and low for a cavalier, so I bought Zoe, as I had only moved home from Australia at this stage, I spent 6 full weeks with Zoe, training & bonding with her, she was (is) my little dote. I returned to work and I noticed that Zoe's personality changed, she was very quiet and seemed stressed, so I decided to get back onto the breeder and luckily she had one left and so I got Georgia, who just BOUNDED into our lives, full of love,mischief and fun, Zoe & Georgia were litter sisters and they seemed to know each other when they met and Zoe just instantly became happier and more settled. Unfortunately when my relationship broke down, my ex got the house and our agreement was whoever got the house, got the dogs (so not to cause too much upset for them) but the other could see the girls whenever; this agreement my ex went back on and stopped me seeing my angels last year :( I think about them EVERY day and still love and miss them.

So I was cavalier and dogless for a year then within 3 months I have 3 new dogs all rescues, Des the collie, Penny (1 year old) & Bonnie (8-10 years old) Cavaliers and couldn't be happier.

Cavaliers are the most beautiful and gentle of all breeds and I adore them, I could never envisage my life without a cavalier to share it with, they give so much and brighten every day that I have shared with a cavalier :lotsaluv:

19th July 2010, 08:24 PM
My 21st birthday present to myself was a blenheim boy called Ben, I got him from a breeder on a farm (young and stupid!), saying that he was a happy healthy dog and very good natured.
Unfortunately he was knocked down when he was 6 while a family member was looking after him for a day, I was devastated and it was a few years before I could think of getting another dog.
In a few months I have another big birthday coming up :shock: but the good thing is I am hoping to get a cavalier again.
I just love their nature and gentle disposition and of course they look good too :)