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17th July 2010, 09:56 PM
I am writing a piece about how shifts in atmospheric pressure affects CSF fluid pressure and how weather changes bring on pain episodes. I have found quite a few articles about storms and cold fronts having a negative affect. What about hot weather? Recently we have had very hot weather which has affected a lot of our dogs.
I found this on the web which was interesting, would it be possible for someone to explain please.


17th July 2010, 10:19 PM
wow tania that was very interesting! As I stare out the window at the stormy weather, I am very aware of how a change in barametric pressure relates to ella's conditon. Who needs the weather channel when you have a dog with SM :wink: I always find it interesting to read humans explain how it feels. Dogs can't talk but reading what people feel, its amazing that they still go on like nothing is wrong sometimes. Actually my cousin prayed for ella in a prayer group and another woman had a daughter with cm/sm who had surgery. She actually wants a cavalier because she can relate. If only they could be the voice of our little ones, thanks for finding this. I hope you are doing good

18th July 2010, 01:22 PM
You work so hard for us, Tania - thank you so much for all the information you dig out.

I can certainly confirm that Megan has been affected by the weather, but it was the change from the hot, high pressure to the cooler, lower pressure which affected her the most.

The trouble is with SM that there are almost always "other factors" involved as well. In Megan's case, it is deteriorating disks in her lower spine and I'm never sure whether her hind-limb problems are caused by them or the SM or both (or even neither!) I have a marvellous vet, but even he can't really guess what is causing what (and therefore how best to treat) without another MRI scan. And, like many on here, I am reluctant to subject an old girl of 11 years to an anaesthetic just for that purpose.

Ghastly disease, isn't it? After reading the blog you found (and talking to a few people I know who have also had experience of SM) I can only be grateful that I'm not having to go through it in myself - having an affected dog is quite bad enough :(

18th July 2010, 06:05 PM
I agree with marie-anne. You have done so much and found great information. I also agree that I'm glad I don't have it but I would rather be the one in pain. I hate not being able to feel what she is going through and if I could have sm rather than ella, I would. Thank you for your kind offer of the sweet pillow. Ella has recently been attached to her lambie. You are a kind soul:)