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Kizzys Mum
5th August 2010, 10:56 AM
Sweet Pepper is a very pretty 4 year old ex-breeding cav. This lovely girl is very affectionate and loves being cuddled, the company of other dogs and human interaction. Sweet Pepper is slightly nervous but despite this will come up to you for a fuss. She has been known to be good with children too. Sweet Pepper will need another dog to live alongside and lots of love and company. She tries very hard to walk on her lead but will need help with this and also house training.

Trio is a 7 year old female Papillon X Cav and Fox is a 5 year old female Papillon X Cav. They are mother and daughter and have come to us because their owner is very unwell and cannot care for them. Trio & Fox need to go to a home together as they are very close. Trio is a very gentle, sweet and confident girl and Fox is a little shell shocked at the moment but is equally lovely. They both walk on leads and are house trained. They are looking forward to finding their forever home soon where they can get the love and attention they need and deserve.
Trio and Fox have only been with me for 24 hours but already i have fallen in love with them. They are such sweet, gentle and loving little girls. They are fully house trained and walk well on a lead. They love to to be cuddled and have their tummies tickled. I have groomed them today and they were perfect little ladies to have this done. They will make some lucky person very happy. I cannot find any faults with them, they are wonderful little dogs.
Being fostered in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Fable is a 6 year old female Papillon X Cav who has come to us because her owner is very unwell and cannot care for her. Fable is very active, bright, lovely and confident. Her previous owner tells us that she can get herself a little wound up but when picked up quickly snaps out of it. She is used to living with other dogs and may settle more quickly where there is already a small resident dog to be her friend. She is house trained and walks on a lead and is looking forward to finding her forever home soon.
Being fostered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Kissy is a 7 year old female Papillon X Cav who has come to us because her owner is very unwell and cannot care for her. Kissy is a very confident girl who loves her cuddles and exercise. She has had a back accident in the past which means she walks differently but is not in any sort of pain and runs around normally. We have been informed that Kissy is housetrained and walks on her lead. She is looking for a loving forever home where maybe there is another small dog in the house to be her friend as she is used to their company.
Being fostered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Margie is a very sweet 7 month King Charles cross. This sweet little dog is everything you could dream of in a dog. She walks brilliantly on her lead and is very loving. Margie is such a delightful little pup and yet she was unwanted and taken to the local pound where she was rescued by our very good friends in Ireland and has now landed on her paws at Many Tears. Margie is such a happy little girl and just one look at her melts my heart!
Margie is a cavalier x collie with the best traits of both breeds. She is clever, obedient, pretty and confident - quite a little star. Margie is happy living alongside our lively labrador and small dogs. At the moment she is very interested in our cats and bunny but does respond well when told no! Margie would like an active home - she could be a future agility star.
Margie has been in foster care with us for nearly three weeks. She has an excellent temperament and has fitted in well with family life. She is sociable and adaptable when out and about, and travels well. She continues to be interested in cats and birds, so she needs a cat free home. Margie is an affectionate and playful young dog who loves long walks in the countryside, and playing fetch in the garden. She has kept our family entertained and we are sure will make her new owner very proud.
Being fostered in Romford, Essex.

Hosie is a 7 year old female ex-breeding Cavalier. She has never been away from breeding kennels and is very frightened of everything. She even tried to hide her face as we bathed her. She is looking for a very special home where she will get lots of TLC and another calm confident dog to give her confidence. She will need lots of help with her housetraining, lead walking etc.

Heart is a 5 year old female ex-breeding Cav. She is very reserved but ever so sweet and polite. She is looking for a home with another dog to be her friend and help build her confidence. Being fostered in Crymych, Pembrokeshire.

All dogs are listed as AVAILABLE, see http://www.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/dogslookingforhomes.htm

5th August 2010, 12:27 PM
The sad tales on the Many Tears site are heartbreaking - it shouldn't be allowed to go on breeding dogs till they are sorry then binning them!! Makes me mad!!

5th August 2010, 03:24 PM
Just had a look at th eweb site. Am I right in thinking that they don't re-home to Ireland? I would love one of the exbreeding cavs but live in Ireland.

Kizzys Mum
5th August 2010, 03:35 PM
May be worth emailing them about rehoming to Ireland. You do need to be willing to travel to see the dog wherever it is, but I couldn't find anything on the website about rehoming to Ireland.

Kizzys Mum
5th August 2010, 05:09 PM
And a few more...

Meet Marina. She is a dear 6 year old ex-breeding cav who been given to Many Tears to find her forever home. Marina is extremely sweet and sits on your lap offering lots of cuddles and kisses. She does not yet walk on her lead confidently but this is coming with time and love. Marina would love to live alongside a more confident dog acting as her role model and will also need help with house training.

Martha is a very pretty and loving ex-breeding 6 year old cav. Martha is Matilda's sister and is really friendly. She would defiantly win the waggiest tail award! Martha is such a happy girl and tries to walk on her lead. She will need help with this and house training. Martha is getting on just great with all the dogs here and has made lots of new friends. She will need a home with at least one other friendly and kind dog. Martha really does deserve and extra special home and she will make someone's house hold a very happy please to be in!

Meet Matilda our very pretty lady. Matilda is Martha's sister and is a 6year old ex-breeding cav looking for her forever home. Now this girl is very special!! She will cry and talk to you the whole time you are in her kennel with her, wagging her tail at you and has the best smile you could imagine. Matilda is starting to walk on her lead and follows nicely by your side. With time and practice it won't take long for her to be happy to walk outside. This special little girl is so friendly and just such a great dog to be around! She will need help with house training and a home with another dog or dogs to help her.

5th August 2010, 06:20 PM
Thank you - I have e-mailed them as I would love to give any one of the little things a home! keep your fingers crossed. Emma