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Zoe bowie
7th August 2010, 08:49 PM
Hi all,

Just thought I would let you know that after much deliberation and chats with my vet, I decided the best thing for Penny & Bonnie was to proceed with the operations as advised, the reason for this decision are;

Penny's tonsils were so inflamed her throat was almost closed, she was having difficulty breathing and just wasn't herself for approx 6 weeks. She had been on 2 courses of antibiotics and a 4 week course of steroids, but nothing worked to get the inflammation down-the underlying cause for this level of infection are Leukemia or lymphoma, the only way to know was to take the tonsils out, Paul doubts it is either of these, but we will wait on lab results.

Bonnie's anal gland was severely infected and again she had been on steroids and antibiotics for a month, but the infection wasn't clearing, she was very uncomfortable, she was leaking puss and mucus everywhere, she stank, and her skin was getting sore from washing her and from the infection.

So the decision was made to do the operations, both went in yesterday morning to Paul, and he did an amazing job, Bonnie's anal gland was so infected it oozed puss as it was removed but it came away brilliantly with little or no bleeding-she is doing amazing since she came home, not that sore and she already seems brighter in herself and doesn't smell! AND no incontinence!!

The difference in Penny is unbelievable, she is back to her mad little self, running around, playing chase with Des, full of energy...she didn't bleed at all after the operation and even ate her dinner last night. I am so glad we decided to do the operations, for my 2 girls it was the right decision. Paul couldn't have done a better job & he was so amazing not just with the girls but with me and all my questions before, during and after the operations, he has followed up on them twice last night, first thing this morning and again just there-to me that is the best service I have ever had from a vet :)

7th August 2010, 09:41 PM
So pleased they are both ok - a very stressful time for you all, but it sounds like it has been successful - paws crossed that Penny's results come back clear :flwr:

Your vet sounds wonderful - definitely one to keep!

Thinking of you all and hoping for a good recovery for both girls.

8th August 2010, 03:28 PM
So glad both the operations have turned out ok. Sound like you have a fantastic vet.
:xfngr: for Penny’s results.

team bella
8th August 2010, 09:48 PM
That's brilliant news. So glad they're doing wellcl*p