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12th August 2010, 07:53 PM
Hi all, I have a very upsetting situation on my hands at the moment. Maddie, our first love, disappeared from our garden on the 30th June. After searching / posting all over the internet / asking around it seems she isn't coming back to us. She loved us for nearly 4 years.

As is this wasn't devastating enough for our family, Ruby, our first rescue, is taking the loss very badly. I'm at my wits end with her. She howls and cries for Mads. She has also lost her appetite the last few days. Her house training has gone out the window. Last night, I had to help her drink water as she wouldn't move from her bed. It seems she is broken hearted.
Riley, (our deaf second rescue) is out of sorts too but not as bad as Ruby.

Has anyone come across this kind of situation? Any advice for me?

Zoe bowie
12th August 2010, 10:12 PM
I am so sorry you still haven't found Maddie, I had shared your notice on my facebook, maybe she will appear oneday :(

Poor Ruby, are you sure it's just Maddie that iscausibg this? Maybe get her checked out by the vet to ensure there's nothing underlying, other than that I'm sorry I've no words of wisdom :(

I pray that Maddie will be returned to you, healthy & unharmed.

12th August 2010, 10:20 PM
So sorry for this upsetting series of events. :(

I think the advice above is good -- I would start by getting an all clear from the vet but I think perhaps you need to act faster than waiting to get an appointment. I would be seriously concerned about your description; to me it seems very unlikely something this extreme would be caused by the absence of a dog, no matter how close they might have been. They do not tend to have too much difficulty adjusting to a loss, though sometimes they may be a bit out of sorts -- but this sounds very extreme and to be honest -- unrelated. It sounds to me like she may be in serious pain. If she cannot drink and is not moving from her bed -- I would really call the emergency vet at UCD right now for advice or the night vet if your vets have an emergency service. A dog can go seriously downhill without water and from the sounds of this, it might be a life-threatening situation like a bowel obstruction. Please let us know what happens. :flwr:

12th August 2010, 10:28 PM
I agree!! Please get it checked out as a matter of urgency!! Barney pines but not enough to stop him eating or drinking!!

Both of my children are away this week and the dogs love them loads, you wouldn't think there was anything wrong - although when they come home Barney and Cassie will be all over them like it's the only thing they've been thinking of all week!!

Hope all is well...x Teresa

12th August 2010, 11:51 PM
We are thinking of Ruby and you, I sincerely hope Maddie will be returned to you. I can't imagine how you must be feeling. I hope Ruby will be ok :hug:

Karen and Ruby
13th August 2010, 09:57 PM
If Ruby does check out OK I would advise to maybe try some Rescue Remedy.
I tried it at the beginning of this year when my life went a bit in to turmoil and the dogs were severly affected by their 'dad' leaving after we broke up.I know it isnt quite the same but any emotional upheval will test a dogs state of mind.

I used Bachs Recovery Remedy in their drinking water and after a few days they calmed down.
Less howling at night and barking all the time. They also became clean again around the house as for a while they were messing indoors aswell.

I hope everything works out for you- please dont loose hope in Maddie x

16th August 2010, 09:43 PM
Any news of Ruby? How are you all getting on now?