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15th August 2010, 09:20 PM
Meet the newest designer dog, the cavapooh. Has anyone seen these? I just can't understand it. I wonder what health problems they will have, I heard they are even creating a breed mix with a pug and chihwaha (spelling) those are so different.

15th August 2010, 09:34 PM
Nothing new there. I have a friend who has a ruby Cavalier x Chihuahua. It's ears don't know if they want to be up or down so they fluff out like pompoms. She's very pretty.

The Boss
15th August 2010, 09:35 PM
I've seen some pics of them on the net....i prefer the name Cavoodle though:p

15th August 2010, 11:02 PM
These so called "designer dogs" are sort of a sore spot for me. "Designer Dogs" are all the crazy here locally where I am. Yes, some are cute but the "breeders" here charge as much for a "designer dog" as they do the purebred ones! Sometimes I wonder if it is an excuse to sell a "mutt" for a MUCH higher price. Many people don't realize they can go over to the shelter and adopt a "designer dog" for about $80. Instead they pay the unethical breeders here $100's of dollars for one. Last month I saw a "designer" dog going for $900!

Often I will see someone with a "designer dog" and it will look NOTHING like either of the original breeds. Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the "designer dogs" here locally are nothing but mixed breed puppies that someone is trying to pass of as a "designer dog".

Many breeders here will tell you that anything crossed with a poodle will be hypoallergenic. But the sad thing is many of the crosses are not hypoallergenic and not EVERY puppy in the littler will be hypoallergenic. These are often the poor dogs that end up in the shelter because the new owner realizes they are still allergic to the puppy. Also many of these "breeders" don't test there breeding stock because the believe that a "hybrid" is always healthier so many of the puppies end up with inherited conditions that no one screened for.

Some of the common designer breeds you see here are "Yorkie-poos", "Chi-poo", "Maltipoos", "Labradoole", "Puggle", "Poogle", "Porkie", "Cockapoo", "Bich-poo", "Schnoodle" & "Snorkie". The Cavalier Crosses you often see are "Cockalier", "Cava-Chins", "Cava-shons", "Cava-poos", "Cava-Tzu", "Cava-lon" & "Chillers". That's just naming a few.
I personally believe more people should adopt shelter "mixes" in need of a home instead of spending all of there money on a "designer dog". But that's just my opinion! There are some really cute and healthy designer dogs out there that make great pets. I'm just a little "biased" on these poor dogs. I often see hundreds of these dogs sold to people who really have no idea what getting a puppy means. I also attend the local adoption events and see the outcome of so many of these dogs. I'm sorry for the rant! I'm not trying to say they are a bad dog in any way. I'm just against many of the breeders here who sell them for such a large profit! Just wondering, has anyone else experienced the "designer dog" fever in there local areas? I sometimes wonder if its just a major problem in our area.

16th August 2010, 01:03 AM
The whole US is that way it seems. I call them "designer mutts". The prices they charge for these dogs are outrageous, I often meet people who have spent $1200-1500 on a mixed breed puppy, and for what? The dogs used for these breedings are often unregistered, or limited registration dogs that the breeder decides to circumvent by breeding mutts. Health testing is non-existent, and the parents often represent everything that is wrong with their breed.

I've had so many misinformed people tell me that their "shorkie" or whatever would be healthier because it's not purebred (this often done while sneering at my dog -whose parents were tested heart clear at 3 (time of breeding) with with four grandparents who were clear at age 5. His great-grandfather developed a murmur at 8, though.

The best you can do is encourage them to spay/neuter their pets, because, as you mentioned, the pound has more than enough designer mutts.

Zoe bowie
16th August 2010, 07:15 AM
Here in Ireland there is definitely an increase in these cross breeds, and I'm always amused by the cost of them-it's outrageous! But unfortunately it comes down to educating people about the different breeds, their pluses & minuses but as along as our governments don't invest in our children about animal care & welfare, you will always have people buying dogs!!

I am a true believer in the rescues & giving annanimal the life it deserves, people think ' rescue=something wrong with the dog' instead of thinking 'rescue=something WENT wrong for the dog' I have 3 rescues 2 purebreed Cavaliers & a collie x and I swear i will never buy a puppy again!

I also wonder what will happened with these x breeds, who will they be crossed breed with?? Will it be that our beauitful pedigrees will be extinct? I wouldn't mind if the health problems were made extinct but not the breed!!!