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16th August 2010, 11:30 AM
Hi All
We are thinking of going away for a few days and im looking for kennels for my 2 cavs.

I live in Blessington, but really not limited to where they are (obviously not Cork or Galway - bit too far of a drive!!). Im a bit baffled by 1 or 2 I have come accross on the internet!!

A dog hotel in Kildare, basically the dogs have free regin and can do what they want - seems a bit chaotic to be honest!! They can sleep in human beds, there are no boundaries at all. free to run around all day and are taken on walks twice a day. Id just never heard of a 'dog hotel', seems a little bit Paris Hilton!!!:shock:

And a kennell in Wicklow. Nice big kennels for the dogs, with a run - the outdoor runs all connect so the dogs are all interacting (but seperated by cages ), walked twice a day. To be honest my preference would be the kennel, looks nicer from the pics ( would defo visit beforehand though).

My question is - is it better for Cavs to be around smaller dogs their own size where they can interact with them all the time, no cages, runs etc (dog hotel), or will it be better for them to interact with all types of dogs and have a structured day (kennel)?

I have never left them before and to be honest (this may sound crazy) Its going to be a deciding factor in us even taking holidays!:d*g:

16th August 2010, 04:31 PM
I'm with you–I would not even consider leaving my dogs anywhere where they would be allowed to sleep where they want as opposed to being safely crated or kennel that night–that is a recipe for disaster because you are throwing dogs of unknown personality together and then leaving them completely unsupervised for eight hours or so. There is no way I would take such a risk, and I certainly hope that this is not the way in which dogs are left overnight. If they are, this is dangerously misguided as an approach to home boarding. Given that we just had a report of someone's small dog having been killed by a larger dog in a kennel situation where they were all allowed to run around without direct supervision, I wouldn't find this kind of thing appropriate either unless there are adequate numbers of trained staff doing supervision at all times.

I would think a secure kennels would be a much better option but, I always think it is important to go visit the place, get a sense of what it is like, and see the facilities. :) You generally need to make this arrangement in advance as most places will have limited visiting times and can't really manage having people drop in unexpectedly, though this may be fine with others. It is I think always appropriate to call in advance and ask. :)

That said, if you are thinking of getting away in the next week or two, you may find it difficult to do. My own partner had to ring about seven places before he found a place that could take his dog for the week–most places are booked out at this time of year And generally get their bookings months in advance for August. If you are leaving in the next few days for a short time, you might be able to book in with Thelly on the board here, who home boards dogs in Kiltiernan. However I know that she will be going away from the 23rd and I don't think will be back in till the end of the first week in September. So if you were thinking after that point she likely would be available as well. Thelly only takes small dogs and mostly she has cavaliers!

16th August 2010, 05:07 PM
As i was reading it on the net, i was having a mental picture of dogs running around going mental all day :jump:

thats terrible about the dog that was killed by the bigger dog :(

im not looking at going away this month, maybe october so its a long way off. they do socialise quite well with other dogs, esp my parents-in-laws springer spaniel ( i think Spud thinks he is going to be as big as him when he grows up!)

this place in Brittas seems quite nice so will defo have it on my shortlist ( its called Mountseskin Boarding Kennels) and will look into the other one you suggested