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24th August 2010, 02:18 PM
:) Hi, My vet told me to put my Ruby on Chappie Tinned Food because she is overweight. I was feeding her chicken breast cut up with mixer bite.... The vet said that this has got no goodness in and that Chappie has all she will need and she will lose weight. This is week 2 and she still turns her nose up (it stinks anyway).. I have to take her back next week but she is 6 yrs and has a Grade 5
heart murmur so I wanted to put her on something that will get the weight off but that is economical..... Any suggestions :(:thnku:

24th August 2010, 06:52 PM
Hmmmm -- I'd disagree with your vet. There's plenty of 'goodness' in real meat and a good quality dry food, as opposed to Chappie -- which is a pretty mediocre-quality food. Tinned food also is hardly the best for either losing weight or maintaining dental health (poor dental health can contribute significantly to heart disease). A quality dry food mixed with some white meat chicken that is boiled or grilled (NOT fried in oil or butter) and most importantly -- cutting back on the amount you feed -- will get the results you want. In general 'economical' food is also lower quality. I'd recommend going for something like James Wellbeloved which is moderate in price and simple but gives a balanced diet.

Dogs often turn up their noses if they know that eventually their owner tends to give in and offer more interesting things. Proper feeding is really giving the dog only 10-15 minutes to eat, no cajoling, then the food vanishes, no treats either, til the next *scheduled* meal. 99% of dogs will eat 99% of what is on offer by just sticking to such an approach. :)

If your dog is overweight, cut her rations by a third. If she isn't dropping some weight, gradually and safely, within a week or two, then cut her food in half. And cut out all treats -- most commercial treats have huge amounts of calories, especially things like Dentastix (one medium size dentastix has all the calories a cavalier would need in an entire DAY so they really need to be only occasional treats. Try moving your dog to healthy low calorie treats like sliced apple or pear, berries, carrots (but never grapes or raisins which in some dogs can cause acute renal failure).

There is information on getting dogs to lose weight in the Caring for your Cavalier section of the Library.

The easiest way for dogs to lose weight is for their owners to show a lighter hand with food at mealtime and cut the treats. Dogs don;t need treats. Being overweight will definitely shorten the life of a cavalier with heart problems as that heart has to work far harder and the valves will be put under much greater pressure. So when you feel pressured to give in and feed more, remember that you would surely prefer to have her around longer! :thmbsup:

How much does she weigh? How much weight does your vet say she needs to lose (eg what weight should she be)?

25th August 2010, 07:58 AM
:d*g: Thank you so much for replying to my questions regarding ruby.... I will have a look at James Wellbeloved.... I too think that my own boiled chicken breast is far better than Chappie.... The smell alone turns me off.... But maybe they was thinking of my purse..... I am going to continue with the chicken and try and take a third off..... I was actually doing this when I went for my visit to the vet and she weighed ruby....She is 10k.... So I do know she needs to lose weight..... She does not walk too far either without getting breathless so therefore not getting as much exercise as she used to bless her.... I take her out little and often.... Thanks for your advice I will have a look into the James Wellbeloved.... I do not give her Dentasticks as when i did she got diarreah badly.... For a treat I give her 'Pedigree Light Bone Biscuits'. She is a worry but I love her to bits :thnku:

25th August 2010, 11:17 AM
We put Leo on chappie tinned food as we though it would help his anal gland problem and he actually put weight on:yikes:yikes

We've changed it to another food now....like Karlin said there's plenty of other low fat diets out there!

Good luck

27th August 2010, 12:48 AM
Chappie was recommended for me as Peaches had trouble with Burns and James wellbeloved. altho we give her original rather than the chicken and rice one.

Everyone at the vets says she is the healthiest ckcs they have ever seen. we feed her a 3rd of a tin twice a day and she wolfs it down. the only supliment she gets is glucosamine as she has a dodgy hip.

28th August 2010, 06:40 PM
Barney's bouts of "funny tummy" have lessened now he's on JWB as opposed to another good dried food...(Less allergy thingys??) Cassie our pup is thriving on it too. They both have sardines or similar twice a week or so and left over veggies and raw veg and fruit in and out. Rice cakes are a great low fat treat :)) Hope this helps. Barney has also lost his extra kilo and a half with a smaller portion of senoir/light.

A friend of mine who's dog has a big tummy prob was recommended Chappy and swears by it.....go with what works for you :))