View Full Version : Tough Traveler - backpack carrier

24th August 2010, 10:52 PM
I just bought this backpack carrier (http://www.toughtraveler.com/dogbags.asp) for Misha.


Misha is 22lbs/18 inches neck-to-tail and is pushing the upper limits of the bag. I would hesistate with his size if he weren't such a calm dog. That being said, the pack is awesome. It distributes weight incredibly well so I'm not sore after using it (used it a couple times for 30/45 minutes). I even tripped and caught myself without feeling unbalanced at all. Misha just turned 14 and I really like hiking so now he can come along on my longer trips and ride partway. I ended up buying a larger hiking bag with the insert separately so that he would fit. The pack can also be used as a child carrier.

I was worried about buying this because of the cost and possibility of Misha being too big, but I'm really glad I did. Much easier to get through crowds and the woods than a stroller would be :-)

25th August 2010, 01:22 AM
That looks very cool. I bought a dog stroller when my Mindy girl became too weak to go on long walks with us and it increased not only her quality of life but mine, because I hated leaving her at home.