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24th August 2010, 11:29 PM
Hello pretty people. Blondie and I went for a second opinion consult with Dr. West after Blondie's symptoms seemed a lot better after the myringotomy.
Dr. West seemed pleasantly surprised to see Blondie walk in the way she did , after reviewing her MRI which he called "dramatic". He took her in for a full clinical exam;
after which he said there seems to be a disconnect between the severity of her MRI and her clinical symptoms . No signs of limb weakness, mild signs of pain, etc...
Dr. West strongly recommended against surgery at this time. He recommended putting her on CSF reducers (shes on 8 mg ofomeprazole now) and monitor her closely.
According to him CSF reducers do work . Says he has seen patients which he has treated medically for 4 years (even severe ones) have clinical resolvement of symptoms on them. He says you really never know, and considering the disconnect with the MRI she may well be running around like this a lot longer..
If her symptoms get worse and they are not PSOM related, he says surgery may be necessary in the future. According to him we are not taking any risks doing it this (slower) way.
I felt very comfortable with his recommendation of not rushing into surgery so I cancelled the september first surgery at LIVS for now. I am going to go in for a clinical exam every 2-3 months and watch her closely... Just wanted to let everyone know who has helped me come to this decision!!!

Margaret C
27th August 2010, 12:20 AM
Really good news that Blondie's symptoms have improved so much.

Dr West sounds like a very sensible and caring man.

There are many cavaliers that have been successfully managed for years on drugs, my Tommy is one.

Now SM is being widely researched there will probably be even more effective medications coming along in the next few years.