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3rd September 2010, 06:30 AM
I posted about Ella having some bad news about the outcome of her decompression surgery. I am going to talk to her neurologist, but I would like to know more information so I can ask the questions I need to. I know that things depend on certain factors for her specific case, but I really would like to know since he did mention that it is more risky.

He first mentioned another surgery I guess to remove the scar tissue. I would imagine this is a different technique and he said it would really depend if the scar tissue was attached? So my question is does anyone know more about this? I would like to hear from others who have done this.

Karlin and Rod, do you know any reports about this?

Shunts is what he mentioned as another option. This really scared me after reading something Dr. Rusbridge wrote.

"Q: why not put a shunt in as well?
A: Shunts have more long term complications – tethering, etc. She isn’t comfortable ‘stabbing into spinal cord’

I have read about damage to the spinal cord and other serious complications.

One more thing, Ella is now crying. She seems to be doing real bad since her MRI. Someone said that going through the MRI they have to move them in several positions that can be painful. She had it yesterday and is it normal that she seems so much worse.

Thank you so much for any information.

3rd September 2010, 07:32 PM
No, don't know anything really about second surgeries. But they are fairly common in humans with SM. On shunts: there are varying opinions on them. Geoff Skerritt did ONLY shunt surgeries for years and many dogs have lived for years afterwards with them. He now however seems to feel decompression is a better option in many or most cases. But as I said before, there are a few neurologists who will also insert a shunt in certain cases, as well as doing a decompression.

If she is in a lot of pain I'd be asking for additional medications -- keeping her comfortable right now, has to be the top priority. :flwr:

Kate H
3rd September 2010, 07:41 PM
I think one of Carol Wotton's dogs had second surgery (have I got the name right?) - you might try PMing her, she's on the members list as Wotton20000.

Kate, Oliver and Aled