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4th September 2010, 09:56 AM
Need a bit of advice please - not sure if worrying about nothing....

Our lil girl has been constantly itching since she finished her season and we bathed her.. (we bathed her in a new shampoo); mainly behind the legs and belly... she has become very ticklish also...

We have checked for fleas (none); and check ears..(nothing except they are bit dry)

Any suggestions (or shall we take her to the vets?)


4th September 2010, 11:28 AM
I think you need to go to the vets. :thmbsup: Most things that might be causing problems, an owner usually will not be able to see or diagnose. If the itching is bad, it could be anything from earmites to mange to skin allergies (perhaps to the new shampoo?) to flea dermatitis (fleas can be very hard to spot!) to more serious but sadly, well known problems in the breed such as PSOM ('glue ear') to syringomyelia. You want a vet to help rule out the more likely possible basic causes before considering more serious issues.

Your vet can give you the best advice and help rule out problems and hopefully track down the cause. :)

The Rouge Princess
4th September 2010, 07:18 PM
Hi Cat

We too have this with Scarlett - she too has just finished her season.She doesn't itch anywhere else other than her undercarriage.I have noticed, she too, will kick when having this area brushed.

We've not use anything different around the home, or changed her shampoo or food.She has been wormed and Frontlined up to date, so I doubt this is the cause.Coming to think of it, she did do it at the end of her last season, so my guess was it was hormones? She never really did it other than then, other than odd times in the warm weather after a walk.It goes without saying that when owning a Cavalier, we have to be aware of SM but through my understanding based on Scarlett scratching her tummy alone, I think this is doubtful.

I've decided to see what she is like a little more past the end of her season and if it continues I shall make a trip to the Vets to be on the safe side.

I hope you find an answer to your lil girl's itching soon :thmbsup:


6th September 2010, 02:55 PM
We took poppy for a check and they checked her for fleas etc nothing...

Checked her ears - and boy oh there was a problem.. she has yeast so prescribed epi-otic once weekly

And the vet suggested skin issues from yeast so got Malaseb shampoo - twice a week.. but she has to stay in lather for 10 mins before wash off. lol...

Is this common in cavvies? or should i be aware of PSOM???

Cathy Moon
12th September 2010, 03:56 PM
If her yeast problem doesn't go away with the epi-otic, you might want to ask your vet for either Malaseb flush or Triz Ultra with Keto ear cleaner. Food allergies can cause yeast in the ears, face and body, so that may be something else to follow up on if her yeast returns. One of my cavaliers had yeast problems, and we've managed to get it under control with diet and special ear flush after taking her to a dermatologist.