View Full Version : 7 Days Until My Baby Girl Comes Home~~So Much to Do!!!!

8th September 2010, 09:28 PM
Hey Everyone!

Alright, I know I've been popping up on here ever since my search began for a Cavalier of my very own, and My babe comes home on September 15th-- and I feel like nothing is ready!! Okay, I bought a little kennel thing that's just the right size, I bought a puppy gate, and food & water dishes, a bed, a two sided grooming brush, & other things.

I still have some blurry spots when it comes to safety-- I mean, I know the basics and everything but- as to wires- I don't want her barbequeing herself! But there are things I need to keep plugged in, and I have an extension cord because not all of my outlets work...

Also--ok. Basically, what I'm looking for, is/are tips to what I can do to maximize puppy safety..I feel a little silly asking, but I know that's nothing compared to how I'd feel if she got hurt because I forgot/overlooked something potentially dangerous..

I'd really appreciate any help...

Thanks!!!! So excited!!!:rolleyes:

Kate H
8th September 2010, 11:20 PM
To respond to one part of your query: none of my five Cavaliers (spread over 25 years, not all at once!) has ever shown the slightest desire to chew flexes - in spite of bunches of them around my computer. They much prefer the corners of the books that land up on the floor when I'm working! The answer is to have plenty of things to hand that they are allowed to chew - safe toys, a kong, rawhide bones, etc - and as soon as the puppy starts chewing the wrong thing, gently remove either the item from the puppy or the puppy from the item, give them the permitted chewing item and praise them if they get to work on it! If you can't supervise the puppy at a particular time, put it safely in a playpen, crate or in a safe room behind a gate, with something to occupy it. You can't make your house 100% puppy proof, so keep the puppy out of harm's way.

Cavalier puppies are enchanting, so have lots of fun with yours!

Kate, Oliver and Aled

Margaret C
9th September 2010, 12:13 AM
Kate has given you good advice.

You are feeling very anxious at the moment, but things will fall into place, it will be much simpler caring for your new baby than you think, and within a few days you will be the expert on your puppy.

You are going to have so much fun.

9th September 2010, 12:46 AM
To respond to one part of your query: none of my five Cavaliers (spread over 25 years, not all at once!) has ever shown the slightest desire to chew flexes - in spite of bunches of them around my computer.

I've had very much the opposite experience. Lucky chewed my sister's power cord to her brand new mac book, a cord to an (unplugged) lamp and a cord to my phone charger. I ended up getting a piece of plastic cardboard and blocking off access to the extension cords behind that. Hopefully that makes sense - basically corregated plastic sheets you can get at an art store and I put that between the legs of my desk or other furniture and the cords, so basically it blocked access to the cords and wall. That worked very well when Lucky was a puppy. So, anyway, I think you are wise to consider this because you might have a sweet little angel, but you may end up with a devil dog puppy like I had. I used to get so worried if I didn't know exactly where he was because it usually meant he was getting into some sort of trouble

Now I don't worry so much about the electrical cords. His teething days are over and currently he prefers empty toilet paper rolls and stray dollar bills (paper!).

Mostly for safety I would recommend restricting access to one room while you are gone. The kitchen is often a good place. That said if you have chemicals in any of the bottom cabinets, it's probably wise to get the childproof latches for those cabinets or move the chemicals. If you are home and just cannot be watching him closely, then the play pen or an exercise pen are great ideas. That's what I did.

Keeping stuff picked off the floor is also really key, but I am sure you know that.

9th September 2010, 02:57 AM
I had the same experiences as Lani, Baxter also chewed on my brand new Macbook cord (thankfully it wasn't plugged in) and used to sniff around at other cords. We bought some tubing from Ikea which you can place a bunch of cords in to protect them, it also makes them look tidy. The tubing looks like a long thin vacuum cleaner hose and you can cut it down to size. Hope this helps.

I am sure you are counting down the days and hours until you get to take her home! Good luck and can't wait to see some pictures :jump:

Katie and Baxter

9th September 2010, 07:08 PM
Thank you so much for your helpful and kind responses!

You're right- I am counting the days, hours, everything...I can't wait to bring my baby home, and I know we'll have a load of fun- and a lot of new experiences to get through together! (Learning in the process, of course!!!)

Oh my Gosh- I am so, so nervous.. I know how smart they are, I know the parents, I've met earlier puppies from the parents...I am so Nervous!!! >.< I feel like there is so, so much to do...

And she's worth it, too :D.

Thanks again, everyone! If you've got any more helpful hints, I would surely appreciate it!

Take care- I will DEFINITELY be putting up pictures very soon!

heather r
9th September 2010, 08:34 PM
Great answers to your questions. I remember when we went to get our Abigail; I was afraid to pick her up because she was so tiny ( 4 pounds at 10 weeks). Bringing her home was an 8 hour trip and she was good as gold.; sleeping most of the way. When we stopped at rest stop she looked so small with her leash.

Get ready for some happy times and prepare to lose some sleep during the first few weeks unless you are very lucky:)

Heather R

9th September 2010, 10:38 PM
Congratulations on your new puppy! Yes, definitely sleep through the night now while you can. Riley would wake up like clockwork at 3:00 every night to go out til he was about 18 weeks. I also use a playpen if I can't keep an eye on him. He is 5 months now and a lot better about not getting into trouble.
He never goes for the power cords, but my laptop cord has a velcro strip that he loves. He will also go for any loose paper within reach, so definitely keep your puppy away from any important receipts or bills. Congratulations again!