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mack 1
10th September 2010, 04:11 AM
i have a 12 week old cavalier x poodle, she is currently on optimum for puppy and it seems the longer she is on it the softer and smellier her stools are, she is going about 4-5 times a day, up from 2-3, my question is - what is the best food to give them

Dry biscuits


mince/chopped meat and vegies

what is the best one, the longer she is on the optimum the looser she is becoming, the vet tried her on Hills Science and that made her like water and 8-9 times a day, even though i introduced it slowly,

any help any one can offer would be great, :xfngr:

she is happy, active, upto date with her shots and is wormed, playful and runs around heaps

if the mince meat and such is the way to go, any advice on how to go about it would be great also


10th September 2010, 02:21 PM
Our girl cavalier, Belle, had this problem when she was a puppy. We started giving her mince and veggies, etc. then after she got spayed she gained A LOT of weight from this food. You must be careful giving doggies people food... the RAW diet is a good option but I've never tried it. I feed my two cavaliers Salter's dry food and they seem to be ok with it at the moment, although they aren't that enthusiastic when it's presented to them... probably bored with it.
Anyway, I would be concerned about the loose stools, maybe your pup needs to be wormed? If not, it might be Giardia, which happened to our Belle and it took ages to clear up, which meant dosing her with liquid worming medicine for two weeks... it's gone now and she's much better.
Good Luck with your little one and let us know how she's get on with her food, etc.

The Rouge Princess
10th September 2010, 02:24 PM
Hi Mack

I have fed Scarlett James Wellbeloved after changing steadily over from her food from the breeders.It's a good food imo.I have found that her "doings" were more firm and less smelly, too.The ingredients are good and it's hypoallergenic.Her favorite is Turkey & Rice :) Her coat has a lovely shine to it too.

For variation, I also feed Natures Diet, which is a wet food and is also as good for them in terms of ingredients.A tray can last up to 4 or 5 days for us when I use it as a mixer with her kibble.

I hope this helps

ETA - Once opened, I keep the Nature's Diet in the fridge with a little foil over the opened end.


10th September 2010, 10:19 PM
My puppy Flash had similar problems in the beginning when I was feeding him Purina Puppy Chow. Now I feed him a variety of Natures Variety Prairie & Instinct foods mixed with Purina pro plan puppy food. (Natures Variety "clams" there food is for "All life stages including puppies" but I'm not sure if I believe that statement so that is the only reason I add the Pro Plan Puppy to it.) He has a wonderfully soft and shinny coat and seems to be doing well on it. I slowly mixed all the different foods together so now he is getting a variety of there Lamb, Turkey, Duck, Salmon, Chicken & Beef. They calm there food is meant to be rotated so that your dog gets a wide variety of nutrients. I did this VERY slowly with the new puppy and he took to it just fine. If you are concerned about allergies there Instinct line is all "grain free". They also offer a variety of frozen RAW diets. I'm not sure if they are available everywhere or not but I'm sure you can check on there site for a store that has it.

The Rouge Princess
10th September 2010, 10:25 PM
I thought it might help so say that if your pup has a sensitive tummy, Chappie can be a good food for this.It's good quality too :) Let us know how you get on :thmbsup: