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12th September 2010, 02:43 PM
:( Hi my Ruby has a bad tooth. I took her to the vet and they gave me antibiotics.. As she has a Grade 5 heart murmur he said that he wouldn't take the tooth out because of her having anaesethic. What i want to know is once the antibiotics are finished would they take the tooth out under a locum.... I am not sure but the tooth is pretty rotten i think so i dont want her in any pain... But am also worried if they gave her aneasethic whether she would wake up because of her heart. Would appreciate any comments you all may have .... Thanks xxx <3xxx:thnku:

12th September 2010, 06:40 PM
The only advice I have comes from dealing with a boxer who had aortic stenosis, not MVD. She had a grade 4-5 murmur, and we had her spayed at age 1 1/2 years. The vets who did it were VERY familiar with boxers and her heart condition (one of the vets has a dog with AS, and is a foster for boxer rescue- she did the anesthesia, and the other one was very good at "quick" spaying). They also used a different (more expensive) kind of sedation, that gets out out their system much faster (closer to an "on/off" switch than waiting around for them to come out of it) and she came through with flying colors.

From knowing many people with lung issues, I know that "twilight sedation" is often used for people they don't want to put "all the way" under, with local sedation sometimes. Perhaps ask if that is a possibility?? I have no idea if they do that with dogs, but I thought I would throw that out too. And ask if there is a center you can go to who is more specialized with high risk surgeries in dogs, maybe? I hope you can figure out a way to get that tooth out, and she's feeling better soon.

Cathy Moon
12th September 2010, 07:54 PM
I would look for a larger practice/animal hospital to take her to, and have a dental cleaning as well as the extraction. You want to avoid having any type of infection in the gums as it can be carried to the heart, which is very risky.

From what our dental vet has explained to me, there are general anesthetics that are safe for dogs with heart issues. According to him, using sedation instead of the safer general anesthetics is not a good idea. Sedation could cause breathing issues, and it takes longer to wear off. The newer general anesthetics wear off very quickly after the procedure is completed.

14th September 2010, 03:49 PM
:thnku: Thanks for your replies.... I am going to suggest a safer aneasthetic. I hope they can do it. ... Got to go back after the antibiotics and hopefully they will sort her out. She is still poorly bless her :cry*ing::cry*ing:. Only wants to sleep and not interested in much ...

29th September 2010, 06:56 AM
:l*v: Ruby had two teeth out yesterday.... They also cleaned the ones she has left bless her..... Also done some blood tests and xrays.... Her heart is enlarged... I knew she had a grade 5 murmur but was not sure if enlarged heart comes with that..... I got to go back on 11th.... The vet has taken her off Prilactone and cut down her Furosimide. I will have to ask all my questions on the 11th..... She was the last one to have her little op yesterday so could not ask anyone any questions..... I do hope she will be ok now (for a while at least) poor luv..... She has been through it these last couple of months xxx Poor baby :hug:Thanks for your support xxxx