View Full Version : Fantastic Agility Weekend

20th September 2010, 02:53 AM
We just got home from a two day Agility Trial. Mika did SO well! We moved up to Advanced in Snooker, Gamblers, and Jumpers. She also won her Starter Agility Game Title. I couldn't be more proud of her!! Look at all those ribbons!


20th September 2010, 02:56 AM
What a star! Max and I were in our second trial this weekend and he got his first Q in starters jumpers. I'm still on cloud nine. Congrats on the game title - I know that's not easy to achieve!

20th September 2010, 03:04 AM
Congratulations to you and Max as well! Everything really seemed to come together this weekend and it was so much fun! We've been working really hard with our excellent trainer and it really showed.

20th September 2010, 03:53 AM
That's great when that happens. I have a friend who completed her starters games title with her Golden this weekend. I know what an accomplishment that is. I worked at the trial this weekend and I noticed that a lot of my instructor's students Q'd. I feel really blessed to have her.

When hubby was out walking Max and Rylie someone stopped and asked if she could take Rylie's picture playing ball. She said she hasn't seen Cavaliers as slim and athletic as Max and Rylie. Do you have many Cavaliers competing in your area?

20th September 2010, 04:26 AM
This weekend, there were only 2 of them - Mika and another one from our local club. Usually there is another one, from another town, but she was not here this weekend. There are very few cavaliers around here. Other than Mika and the other in our club, I've only ever seen one other one around our town.

Karen and Ruby
20th September 2010, 08:32 PM
:rah:Oh WOW!!

Well done to the both of you- im so envious!!

Those Rosettes are truly beautiful!

20th September 2010, 10:46 PM
Congratulations......what a wonderful accomplishment. Mika is beautiful and looks so proud.:rah:

brid kenny
20th September 2010, 10:53 PM
Oh Lordy I thought Phoebe had done well with two rosettes this weekend. Great photos and great doggy. Any video footage of her at agility?

21st September 2010, 04:05 AM
Two rosettes is fantastic as well! No sadly, no video this time. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words.