View Full Version : How having an SM dog affects your other dogs

Love my Cavaliers
21st September 2010, 02:34 PM
Because Riley's vestibular system has been very badly damaged from her SM, she frequently has seizure-like events (her neurologist calls them vestibular events) in which she is resting quietly and suddenly her head and back will whip into a backwards C (we call it her exorcist head) and she has nystagmus where her eyes move like crazy for about 15-20 seconds. She is always non-responsive during these episodes, but once she comes out, she wags her tail and moves her body back into normal positioning. During an episode, I don't know if she can hear me, but I usually say something to her to let her know that I am there.

The other night, I was reading in bed and all 4 dogs were in bed with me. Riley had one of these episodes and I looked at her but didn't verbally comment. Well Oz picked his little head up and looked at me questioningly like "Aren't you going to give her any comfort? What kind of a mom are you? Look what she's going through!" As soon as I said some comforting words to Riley, he put his head back down and went back to sleep. I thought it was so sweet that he seemed to be looking out for her.

Do those of you with a dog with SM who have other dogs have any kind of similar story?

Cathy Moon
22nd September 2010, 01:47 AM
When Charlie was still with us, the other 3 dogs seemed to be careful around him and didn't crowd or bump up against him like they do with each other. He had extensive neurological damage from SM and deficits that affected his gait, posture, and coordination, so I'm pretty sure they knew he was special.

India was his 'guardian angel'; she always kept an eye on him, especially outside, and she wouldn't come on the deck or into the house without him, as though not to leave him behind. After we gave him his wings, India searched for him for several days, even out in the snow. :(