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3rd October 2010, 01:35 AM
I am new to this forum and I would like to post this message.
I am from Philadelphia PA in USA and we have a beautiful Cavalier
named Duchess. Her only symptoms were incessant scratching
of neck shoulders and legs. Plus one episode of falling that cleared
up in a short time. Two neurologists examined her and said she was
perfect, but to get an MRI.
This is the diagnosis after MRI.
Duchess was hospitalized today for additional diagnostic pursuit by means of
MRI of the brain and upper cervical spinal cord. At admission Dutchess was
seen to be in good general health with no overt neurologic dysfunction. The
reported history of scratching and other behavioral signs is consistent with the
known movement disorder of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.. ~"'"
In MRI images of the brain there was seen to be changes consistent with
caudal occipital dysplasia. At this time the changes are mild. Medical
management is recommended with medication beginning as above. If signs
progress over time repeated MRI evaluation may be in order.
I have since visited Dr Rushbridge's website and believe she has said that OD doesn't evolve into SM.
Does anyone know any other info? We stopped the gabapentin which had been proscribed at 900 mg a day because she still itches but she never shows any pain when she scratches. On her walks there is never a problem and she never does
the bunny hop.
Also can the OD cause scratching? I had a second opinion also and they said she does not have SM and will give us 10 or 15 years of love. (We Hope)

19th October 2010, 01:01 AM
I'm just moving this thread over to the SM forum as your question got a bit lost in the intro section. :thmbsup: