View Full Version : When does a cavalier get cold and need a coat?!

6th October 2010, 03:44 PM
I have a 3 1/2 month old ruby cavalier and I noticed that he, for the past two mornings (The first somewhat chilly days of fall, maybe 55 degrees), he would shiver while we were outside on a short walk. I don't think he was scared of anything (he's pretty happy go lucky), so my question is, when do these little guys need a sweater or coat?


6th October 2010, 04:53 PM
My cavaliers are pretty much used to cold weather here in Minnesota USA. But Rudger my 10 year old will probably need one this year. He doesn't handle cold as well as he used to. Skylar seems to do okay. But if it gets too far below 0F I do put coats on them

Your 3 1/2 month old guy probably should have at least a sweater. I put one on them if they act like they are cold. My cavaliers are much more sensitive to cold than my Poms & Tibetan Spaniels


6th October 2010, 05:15 PM
I think shivering is a good indication. My Rylie was shivering last weekend out in the rain and I wished I had put his coat on. Max on the other hand seemed unperturbed. My rule of thumb when it's cold (which it isn't here yet) is that if I am taking them out for more than a few minutes I will put a coat on. If they are going out in the yard when they are free to come in whenever they wish I don't. I think their weight comes into. Rylie has very little in reserve while Max is heavier (although not overweight).

7th October 2010, 03:55 AM
Aww. the little ones do get cold before their body fat and long coats come in. I think he'd appreciate you getting him a little coat or sweater. plus, how adorable! If you're handy with fabric here's a cute project for a too-small sweater: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/wool-cardigan-dog-coat

7th October 2010, 08:58 AM
I've noticed Tilly (another little ruby) shivering a bit lately - we don't have central heating at home yet (its on the to do list!!) so when its a bit chilly in the evenings I tend to put her coat over her.

She also goes swimming once a week now and I have found that once she's dried off to a certain level, she shivers so her coat goes on fastened up and she soon warms up :)

The lady at swimming has suggested I get her one of these coat as they transfer the water in the fur to the outside of the jumper - I'm thinking green for Tilly


I also worry about Tilly getting cold at night time, she sleeps on the landing and above the stairs is a big open space and directly at the bottom of the stairs is the front door, so I asked her about Tilly being cold from draughts and she's suggested I buy a domed bed. She said she's even got this bedding thing can pop in the mircrowave and it'll stay warm for about 8 hours - I'm currently on the look out for one of these :)

I have started to think about putting Tilly's coat on her when we go out for a walk, especially as her fur was shaven off in August and her coat is quite short - it was a big mistake going to the groomers I chose to down here (the groomer said she knew how to do the feathering and the ears nicely as she had 2 cavvies herself, when I saw them I wouldn't have recognised them as being cavvies as they were shaved all over, even the ears!!! So I'm also on the lookout for another groomer who won't make Tilly look like a little lion!!)


Kizzys Mum
7th October 2010, 06:42 PM
I can recommend the Equafleece jumpers, all of ours have them! Jen, I think you are talking about the Snugglesafe heatpad - not used it myself, but have heard good things. This is the cheapest I have seen it (13.90) http://www.vetuk.co.uk/cat-accessories-cat-heat-pads-covers-c-73_626_325/snugglesafe-microwaveable-heat-pad-cover-p-250