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6th October 2010, 05:55 PM
My little 13.5 week blenheim puppy weight just over 6 pounds. We had been feeding him approximately 1/4 cup, three times a day. Plus 1-2 freeze dried liver treats over the course of a day.

He will eat the entire serving in around 60 seconds. Last night, I tried feeding him 1/2 cup for dinner... again, he finished it just as soon as it touched the food bowl.

How much do you feed your puppy?

At this time, he's in on a mix of Royal Canine and Blue Buffalo. We are switching to Blue Buffalo small breed puppy food, but are doing a gradual transition. Oh, and he has been dewormed and goes to the vet every few weeks b/c he has a paranoid mommy!

Any advice would be fantastic!!

10th October 2010, 05:36 PM
Chloe will be 13 weeks on Wednesday and she get 1/2 cup twice day with training cookies througout the day (probably between 7-10). She gets fed at 7 in the morning and again at 5 at night. She is on a 50/50 combination of Purina Puppy Chow/Puppy Orijen switching over to Orijen. Oh and she is a tiny 5#, but is healthy weight for her size. Unless she suddenly has a big growth spurt, she is going to be really small. Her Mom as 18# and her Dad #19 pounds, but she weighs less then my #13 pound Jack Russell at this age.

She is the opposite of your puppy though and eat very slow, usually leaving some in her bowl.


12th October 2010, 02:41 PM
Just FYI there is a recall of Blue Buffalo at the moment:



Puppies generally eat what they need and some are fast eaters -- it isn;t a big deal if he finishes quickly rather than slowly. :) A good appetite is far better than a poor/finicky one! There's good info on feeding cavaliers and puppies here:


Parent weights are not always a very precise guide to adult weights for offspring -- generally you want to see what all four grandparents weighed. :) This is what Laura Lang, an Ohio breeder, says:

Size: Healthy puppies, in normal weight, born in normal sized litters are usually half their mature weight at 3 months of age for girls (14 weeks or so) and 16 or 17 weeks of age for boys. If your puppy was born in a normal sized litter (3-5 puppies), was a normal size at birth, is not fat or thin right now, has always been healthy and is 7 lbs. at 15 weeks--he will likely mature out at about 15-16 lbs. If the litter size was less than 3 puppies he will grow faster at first and be larger at this stage than normal. If the litter size was more than 5 puppies he will probably grow a bit slower at first and be smaller at this stage than normal. I don't see him as being large at this point in time. Neutering before the growth plates close will almost certainly cause him to be at least an inch taller and a bit heavier at maturity.

Note: Parental size has less to do with puppy size than 'family size'. In other words if the parents were the smallest in their respective litters they are highly likely to produce puppies more the size of most of the members of their family--or larger than they themselves are. You really can't go by the size of the parents much for this reason.

So a puppy that is 5lbs at 13 weeks could just be a slightly slow grower, might come in at a bit under breed standard, or may well end up in the middle of the breed standard or even upper end -- impossible to know. She isn't particularly small -- maybe just a pound or two less than most female puppies would be at that age. :) How big are the training treats? If adult dog size, 7-10 daily would be a lot. Even with adults I break those training treats into very small pieces and subtract the total amount from their daily food ration. With puppies you can give really teensy pieces. :)