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Brian M
12th October 2010, 01:35 PM

I thought I would start a new thread now that my little Rosie has been for her full MRI at Chestergates. Scans of her brain ,cervical and thoracolumbar spine were obtained in three planes of orientation .According to Martins letter the scans revealed a moderate elongation of the cerebellar uvula which mildly protruded through the foramen magnum (Chiari-like malformation ) which he advised in Rosie's case ,is not associated with the formation of syringohydromyelia. In addition the disc at the level of L6/L7 appeared hypointense ( on T2 weighted images ) with moderate extrusion of disc material and secondary compression of the cauda equina .He continued the MRI findings were consistent with intervertebral disc disease at L6/L7,likely to be Hansen Type 1 but Type 11 cannot be completely ruled out .And in view of the lack of significant clinical signs after her neurological examination that there were no neurological deficits . She had normal patellar reflexes ,slightly
reduced cranial tibial reflexes and present panniculus reflexes and after manipulation of her neck in all directions with no sign of pain nor any sign of discomfort of the neck/shoulder region.He recommended room rest and lead walking and possible future physio/hydrotherapy treatment together with her Rimadyl and Gabapentin for a period of 28 days .
We go back on Friday for a review of her treatment ,would there be any questions I should ask .
With regard to her patella I possibly propose to let her have the operation just before Xmas as we normally close at work for two weeks so then I would be able to watch over her .
Again may I thank all members for their interest shown ,guidance and support for the two of us .

12th October 2010, 02:22 PM
Hi Brian:

I meant to get back to you on her results; am only slowly catching up on email. :) I would definitely ask that if she has cerebellar herniation (and therefore CM) could the pain she has shown not be connected as well to CM and the herniation? And ask what the chances are of her developing a syrinx? They probably are not able to answer that but what the results are saying is that at this time there is no syrinx being caused by the CM and herniation. However, she does have CM and herniation, both of which can be connected to the kind of symptoms you were seeing, and can always develop into a syrinx. I cannot remember how old she is -- if really young, there's more likelihood of a syrinx developing. If she is over 5, then probably a pretty small chance.

He seems to be primarily making a diagnosis of disk disease/back problems with a potential for that to further develop over time and to be saying some physio and ongoing preventative care might be needed.

Sounds like a good plan for her patella; though as others who have gone thru this surgery will note, she will probably need to be confined to a crate/playpen for two months or so, so your two weeks off will get her started. It is a long recovery with very restricted movement There are some good posts from the past on this from people like Cathy T if you do a search. :thmbsup: