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13th October 2010, 11:52 AM
Well, I have an 11 year old cavalier. He has MVD, and I guess I just wanted somewhere to talk where people will understand :(

In May he got a cough. It didn't seem to affect him, but we took him to the vets, who said his murmur was a little worse but he was good. They wanted to see him again in two weeks. A week later, he really bloated out, so we took him back. They said his heart had started to fail, and gave us diuretics.

In July, he started collapsing on his walks. He would fall over and yelp, and take a few minutes to recover. He'd always be fine when he got up, though, and refuse to go home. He did this twice, and we stopped walking him.

In August, he was playing with his favourite cuddly toy, and he collapsed. He stopped breathing, and I think it was just my partner calling him and rubbing his chest that made him come back. I phoned the emergency vets, and agreed to meet him at the surgery. Meanwhile, puppy got back to his feet and was as happy as anything.

We left him there overnight, for monitoring. It broke my heart to be without him. When we picked him up, they said he was at the end of the road. They gave him a few days...she said she didn't think he'd make the night. He was looking good, though, and was still very playful.

That's about where we are. He's on vetmedin, and about three types of diuretics. He has good days where he is completely normal, happily following me around, and days when his cough is a little bad and he bloats and waddles a bit. The vets aren't interested in seeing him..they prescribe his medication, but don't want to see him.

I love him so much...he's my baby. He's started to show weak back legs, he can't make the stairs too easily and is now happy to be carried up and down, and when he runs round the garden his legs seem a little shaky at times.

I wondered if anyone had any advice? I'm so broken...I'll be lost without him.

13th October 2010, 05:41 PM
I don't have advice because it is a decision you have to make but I do offer ((hugs)). I had to help my twelve year old girl Mindy over the bridge this spring. It was a very difficult decision. I made my husband promise to tell me when he thought it was time because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to let her go. As it was we both came to the conclusion at the same time after watching her gasp for breath for a significant period of time. She had a tumour in her throat so there was no chance this would get better. The question I asked myself for the last couple of months that we had her was "Does she have joy in her day? Would she choose to be here this moment if she had the choice"? The last weekend she was with us she got a second wind and jumped out of her stroller and insisted on walking when we went on a walk. Her tail wagged the whole time. It took a lot out of her though.

I am very sorry you are going through this.


13th October 2010, 06:54 PM
Harry has MVD, he is 13 years old. Over the last 12 months, we have gone through exactly the same as you.
We last saw the vet about 3 weeks ago, who said she could do no more for him and gave him 2 months at the most.
He is on Vetmedin, Frusemide, Prilactone, and Benazecare. In the last few months, when his breathing was really difficult, he has had Frusemide injections, which did make a difference. The vet says these will no longer help, but to sometimes give him an extra Frusemide tablet (he normally has one morning, one evening).
Monday of this week, was a good day, Tuesday was poor with his legs going from under him, today he is coughing a lot. Like you, I wonder when it will all get too much for him.
In April, we had to help little Chloe to the bridge with kidney and liver failure. It was entirely the correct decision, she declined very quickly, and her eyes said it all. She had had enough.
I expect Harry's eyes will one day tell me the same. Until then, we carry on as normal.
You will know - be brave for him, he deserves it.
Gentle hugs to you all.

13th October 2010, 07:16 PM
Thank you so much for your replies. They've made me cry, but I feel a bit less alone now. I'm so glad I found this forum...I'm blubbering my eyes out but I just wanted to say thank you all

23rd October 2010, 04:37 PM
Iam so sorry to hear that your cavalier is not very good, I too have a cavalier with terminal MVD he too is on borrowed time and hes only 8 years old. All I do is give him all the love and care he could need everyday as if it was his last and draw a little comfort in knowing when I lose him he will be free from coughing and collapsing and free to run round and play in Doggy Heaven.

Take care and hope you get though this tough time...... Sharon

30th January 2011, 11:32 AM
Thank you for talking about your MVD dogs. It helps to hear that others are going through the same thing. My 7 year old cavalier, Pippin, is starting to cough daily and 2 days this month his hind legs have collapsed on him. His half sister died of a heart attack this past September at 6 years old. I have a vet visit scheduled for next Saturday and I'll be talking to him about treatment choices for Pippin.

30th January 2011, 12:41 PM
I am sorry that your cavalier Pippin has MVD, I have a cavalier who will be 11 soon, and has been on medication for MVD for two years now and has done well with regular checks and medication from the vet. So sad that you lost Pippin`s half sister at such a young age, 6 is so young. I know a lady who bought two brothers from puppies and one had a heart attack last year and has been on meds and suddenly died a couple of weeks ago at just 6 years old, I feel blessed that Jasper has done so well, although I do feel now he is beginning to age a bit. Hope all goes well at your vets visit.