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13th October 2010, 03:26 PM
I have been working with a "reputable" breeder and she had a litter with one puppy ending up being a "toy" 20 weeks, 4lbs. Totally healthy....what does the group think about this?

We also put in our application for a rescue cav...... :roll:

13th October 2010, 08:08 PM
Well, generally there will be something going on for a puppy to end up that small. It may well be some issue that may not show up until later. Who has said the puppy is 'healthy'? An independent vet or the breeder's vet? It often takes a specialist to pick up the more serious health issues that cause stunted growth, ranging from hydrocephalus to liver or heart issues. Regarding being 'reputable' -- how was this determined? Is she following the MVD protocol? Have you seen cardiologist certs? MRI scan results? Hip/patella/eye test results? etc...

I'd personally be wary of a puppy that small. On the other hand -- depending on size of litter and so on perhaps this one was the runt. They often catch up in size over time and end up normal weight for the breed standard.

Many reputable breeders would not home a really tiny puppy as an ethics issue -- until they see whether it does thrive and gain weight weight over time. On the other hand you may be dealing with someone who has really thoroughly checked out this puppy and feels the pup is doing well and is ready to be homed -- though I'd expect an undersized puppy to be accompanied by some guidance on what could potentially go wrong if there were future health issues -- eg what to potentially watch for.

I am sure some others will have some perspective -- Nicki or Margaret C or Pat may have some better medical insight.

13th October 2010, 09:42 PM
Hmm a 4lb puppy at that age worries me - as Karlin says, it's generally due to medical issues.

What size are the litter mates? Is the breeder deliberately breeding for very tiny dogs?

Parents and grandparents size are the factors in determining the size of the puppies, as well as nutrition, health care [a big worm burden would lead to a tiny puppy] - failure to thrive etc

I think as Karlin has suggested, I would investigate this much further.

Good on you for applying for a rescue Cavalier - paws crossed for that!!