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17th October 2010, 07:48 PM
We have been looking for a second dog. Our thoughts were two cavaliers are better than one but more importantly we felt that Hali (3 years old) would benefit having a playmate:? Recent interactions included watching another cavalier for a week and she seemed to enjoy the male presence. A neighbors dog visits and she seemed "enamoured" with this dog, happy to see her, anticipating visits and looking outside to see if she was coming over. However, we noticed for the first time that she "drooled" when the neighbors dog was visiting. She has been in contact with other dogs, usually does not care is they are there or not but seemed visibly happy to see the dog.

The question is drooling? It can be an excited or stressful sign? We have been visiting a few breeders and Hali started drooling?

How do you know if it is a good thing to bring in a companion or not? Hali is 3, we are looking at all ages of dogs? What is the best age to bring in a new dog. Male or Female? We are finacially capable and emotionally want another dog but how do you know if it is the right thing to do??????

Hali has been our "baby", we are empty nesters, have a great yard and place for dogs to enjoy?

Thanks for everyone's input. Deb

17th October 2010, 08:32 PM
If you have just one Cavalier, my knee-jerk answer always is: "GET A SECOND CAVALIER!!!" Boys usually are more loving than girls. I recommend that the new dog be a puppy or as close to puppy-age as possible. Let Hall have a good chance of being the alpha.

The drooling can be a sign of stress due to being surrounded by strange dogs. Expect the reaction to be much different with just one puppy on your home turf, where Hall can understand that you got the puppy for him.

17th October 2010, 08:37 PM
Cavaliers love company, they do not like being left alone. My instinct would say have two rather than one. If you look on this Forum under Buying and Preparing for a Cavalier, there is a sub thread "I am thinking of adding". There is plenty food for thought there.

Good luck.:thmbsup:

17th October 2010, 08:51 PM
I say get another one. My two dogs love each other, and I am always so glad they have each other when we are not home...

17th October 2010, 09:02 PM
Most of what I would say is in the post referred to on 'thinking of adding another cavalier' noted above. Short answer is most trainers would recommend a male for a resident female (or vice versa), age probably doesn't matter but sometimes puppies are easier (and sometimes they totally torment an adult dog -- I have two that totally dislike puppies and would find it hard to endure a puppy through all its phases; other adults love puppies). Sometimes too an adult that likes a puppy will not get along with that dog when it hits adolescence and adulthood.

Most dogs are happier with a companion. Humans can't supply the canine pleasure and communication that enriches their lives when they have a canine housemate, and most solo dogs are deprived of that for most of their waking and sleeping hours unless people really make a major effort to allow their dog to meet and play with others for extended periods every week. Of course a solo dog may be very happy, but anyone who owns more than one knows that special interaction two dogs or a group will have.

Cavaliers do tend to get along regardless of gender so it isn't generally a problem to get two girls or two boys, but the risk of problems is still higher for a same sex pair than for opposite sex. In my house of 5, the only dogs that bicker sometimes are the two males, with each other.

I've homed 150 or so rescue cavaliers, only a handful of them under one. Over the years of running my cavalier rescue, I have found it is very rare to have problems with an adult of any age settling in but whether puppy or adult, generally there is a settling in period during which the resident dog is less than delighted there's a usurper in the house! :lol:

Brian M
17th October 2010, 09:04 PM

And wellcome ,I agree with Tania except I say get three more not two and have one of each colour .I have a human baby (a lump of 15 ) but my four give me great joy and are my special babies .:)

17th October 2010, 09:59 PM
Oooo Definately two :)))
Barney was a lone Cav for eight years, most of those I wanted another!! We bought Cassie home as a pup this year and it's been really good so far.

After the initial excitement of a new arrival Barney spent a couple of weeks seeming to say "well it's ok but when is it leaving!!" lol

We never had a problem leaving them together (very short peroids at first!!) Barney is quieter in his ways than Cassie so she ha brought him out in himself, he sleeps far less in the day now :)) Barney's quieter nature helps calm Cassie at times.
Other times they both run around like mad chasing eachother and Barney plays with her in a way he never has with us.

Barney shows his love in quiet ways always wanting to be near me. Cassie goes for full on pin you down!! Slobbery kisses all the time!!

Both are lovely, together they are great!!!!!!!

Teresa :)

17th October 2010, 10:01 PM
Before and since getting Cassie I've always been an owner who walks loads and socialises a lot....Barney and Cassie love me and the family but if they don't see other dogs for a few days to socialise with I feel like a meanie!!

17th October 2010, 11:51 PM
Thanks everyone. I guess its like with your first baby (child) wondering if they will like each other and hopefully love each other. :lotsaluv:
Hali has brought so much joy, love and humor into our lives, we are bursting at the seams and need another to love. I think that Hali is like Barney, kind of needs a little excitment and I'm sure another cavalier would do it. I thank you for sharing with me. You are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deb

18th October 2010, 06:39 AM
I have often thought of adding another cavalier to our family. We were seriously considering the idea, but have tabled it until Holly recovers from the recent accident. I think she would very much enjoy the company of another cavalier.

As Brian noted, I anticipate an initial period of adjustment. We have two human daughters and I know there was a period of adjustment whem we brought our second child home from the hospital. My oldest daughter was thrilled at first, but then asked a couple weeks later when "the baby's mommy is coming to pick her up!"

18th October 2010, 08:16 AM
Kevin my hubby said about getting a dog after the cat was no longer with us, well eight and a half years on I'd still be waiting!!Taylor bless her is heading for 18 and holding her own against kidney failure and other old age probs!!

Even though Barney is laid back and friendly I was a little worried bringing home a tiny puppy, eight years of being his own boss (apart from when Taylor pushes him around!!) For the first few weeks I was very careful to supervise carefully. No probs at all though :))

I did tell the children that Barney would growl if Cassie over stepped the mark and not to tell him off as he needed to set boundaries and Cassie needed to feel her feet. They get on like a house on fire now and really complement eachother.

18th October 2010, 06:55 PM
I am going to add another slant, we had 2 male Cavaliers they were the best of friends but they only had one year between them (yes hindsight is a wonderful thing but the age gap was not big enough). We didn't have any problems until our youngest hit his "teens" and then we had fight after fight, to cut a long story short we had to rehome our eldest boy (luckily we had a great home available) and it was one of the worst experiences we have ever had to go through. Although both dogs are so much happier and we know it was the right thing to do I wish with hindsight that someone had warned us of the potential problems with more than one dog and we had never been in that position to begin with. I know that with most people it works out and we are just one of the unfortunate few but it was heartwrenching and I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what we went through:(

18th October 2010, 07:00 PM
My oldest daughter was thrilled at first, but then asked a couple weeks later when "the baby's mommy is coming to pick her up!"


18th October 2010, 09:14 PM
Been there done that !!!!

I think we all go through the will we won't we stage. We have ended up with two brothers from different litters and they are an absolute joy to behold,they play eat and sleep together, the sight of the two of then curled up snoring often gladdens our hearts.

Me ? it has to be two, if you have the room and the finances you'll end up with twice the love !!!!!cl*p

20th October 2010, 04:59 PM
Ive been thinking about adding another recently too. Ive read all the info but Im still mulling it over. Leo loves other dogs and Im sure another cavalier would be perfect.

The girls and I decided we would rather adopt a cav in similar age to Leo........puppy's are cute but the thought of all that hard work again:roll:

Ive been looking at foster sites.....so watch this space:thmbsup: