View Full Version : Good Morning Everyone!

Beverly Sewell
21st October 2010, 05:00 PM
Well here I am - very new to this site - I have a 15 month old tri-color female born on the 4th of July 2009 named Betsy (for Betsy Ross). I had a cocker spaniel for 11 year and 11 months that I had to put down March 6th. My husband has a Great Pyrenees and I really felt like I was needing something - missed Gracie very much - well I started searching for another cocker and came upon the Cavalier breed - needless to say I found Betsy - best part is that her breeder is just 20 minutes from me.

I have had dogs my whole life and this is the best - my daughter passed away in June and Betsy was such a comfort to me - I'm so glad to have found her - so much fun - she entertains herself, she LOVES the Great Pyrenees, Heidi, and so loveable. I have 4 grandson's - one is saying 'she is so adorable'!

So this is what I'm all about.

Thank you for letting me join!