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25th October 2010, 03:26 AM
Hi, I've been an admirer of the breed for a while and am now looking to acquire a puppy as a pet. Health is very important to me, of course. I've done a fair amount of introductory research, but do not know anything about any particular breeders. I'm speaking to several breeders now, and one breeder has a puppy almost exactly what I'm looking for. I don't know much about this breeder other than that they have a good website. I've read some of the general introductory warning posts here and would appreciate some private message advice as to breeders so as not to violate any rules. Thanks in advance for the advice, and I'm looking forward to exploring the forum and getting better educated.

25th October 2010, 11:59 AM
Hi Lisa - welcome to the site. I'm not clued in enough to give advice about breeders but I'm sure others will be able to help. Good luck in your search.

25th October 2010, 01:59 PM
Welcome Lisa, it's wonderful to hear that you are doing all the right things to look for a healthy puppy.

I suspect you are in the US [from the time of your post] but perhaps you could let us know roughly where you are as that will help with the recommendations for breeders - obviously people need to contact you by PM.

25th October 2010, 04:57 PM
Hi and welcome! If you have read the post on this site on finding a puppy, which will suggest the kinds of actual health documents you will want to look for, and discussions you will want to have, I would suggest reading the page on locating a good breeder on these two breeder websites as well:

http://roycroftinformationcenter.com/Cavalier%20Infosite/Cavalier%20InfoCenter%20Choosing%20a%20Breeder.htm l

If you want to privately PM me the link for the breeder's website, I can give some suggestions and also will give a couple of suggestions about who to talk to depending on where you are.

25th October 2010, 07:26 PM
Hi, thanks, we are in the U.S. We're in the Northeast. Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania should all probably work for me. I found someone online in a farther state that ships puppies, but I'm not sure they are the most reputable, and there are a few smaller breeders here that are selling female puppies for under $2000. They are registered also with the CKCSC also and insist that have extensive testing of the parents, but I have also heard somewhere else that reputable breeders charge between $2200 and 3000, so I didn't know if that meant that these "cheaper" breeders are less reputable? There are 2 incredibly established breeders, I think, that I've talked to that charge $3K, but I wasn't sure if those 2 were my only good choices. Thanks.

26th October 2010, 04:11 PM
$3000 would be an awful lot IMHO.

Price is and isn't an indicator of quality -- just to make things more confusing!! Some of the worst breeders take advantage of buyer's newness to the breed and charge ridiculous amounts well beyond what a reputable breeder would charge. If someone is charging $3000 a puppy I would really want to understand why -- I'd expect to see MRI results on both parents, a good health history in both parents' lines, etc. That just sounds very high for the breed.

On the other hand you will not get a low 'bargain' price from a good breeder that is reputable and properly health testing. Crap breeders tend to just undercut what good breeders would charge to attract buyer with heir 'bargains' and they are making almost pure profit too as they do not do proper testing (it will all be done by their vet, not specialists, hence is meaningless 'testing' for any of the serious health issues) or give proper vet care to the other and pups. Hence you pay 'less' but are paying for exactly nothing compared to what a good breeder will have put in, costwise, to his/her puppies and breeding programme.

I PMd you back and gave a suggestion of someone to talk directly to for a steer on these breeders. :thmbsup:

As Anne Eckersley's website points out, one possible route for a slightly lower cost dog is to take an adult or older puppy from a good breeder. Or of course, to get a rescue cavalier of any age. I would support rescue long before I'd get a puppy from a mediocre breeder.