View Full Version : Environment questions and SM

1st November 2010, 08:47 PM
Hey everyone,

I am sorry I have not been on here and need to catch up. On another forum someone asked the forum if they knew of any questions because he was talking to a Cavalier group. Karlin, I know you are on the forum and probably others. One person listed a bunch of questions a mile long, but it was asking about what environmental factors contribute to development, progression of SM.

Karlin or anyone else correct me if I read it wrong. I really want to know since I am grasping at anything to help Ella, if there is anything else I can do. Is there food that is good. Did shots hurt her. (did I read something about Rabies shots and SM)- she already had hers right before she got sick. hmmm

She is getting worse and I am wanting to do everything I can. I talked to a Rehab Vet place in Charlotte who does Ultrasound therapy. I asked about the Alphasonic mentioned on Rod's Cavalier Health website and by others with dogs with SM. They said it helped but it was real expensive. The doctor said she went somewhere and asked about alphasonic and looked it up and basically it does the same thing. I am rambling but I got the ultra cheap EZultrasound. Don't know if it will work but it was $100 and the owner told me she would give me a discount. Claimed to help scar tissue.

I know we all want to do anything to help and some work well with one thing (Ella reacts to acupuncture but Dougall doesn't).

I just want to know if there is anything (cheap) that may be worth a try. Someone gave me a name of a nutritionist etc. but I am pinching pennies. Thank you and I will post an update on her eye.