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2nd November 2010, 02:21 PM
I am going away for the Christmas / New Year period, I usually leave my dog with a lovely lady who also has a King Charles. As she is also going away I do not know what to do. Monty is 2 years old and is a house dog, so I could not even consider kennels, he and I would be so upset if I had to go down that route.
Can anybody recommend somebody that minds dogs in their own home, and who might also have their own dog, monty would love the company.
I am starting to get worried as a lot of places that I tried are full.
Any suggestions welcome.
Based in Dublin, but willing to travel if I find the right place for Monty.

2nd November 2010, 03:39 PM
You mean a Cavalier King Charles (cavalier) I think, not a King Charles? (different breed entirely, though related!). :) Either way the answer is the same of course! :lol:

Contact Thelly on the board -- just send her a PM. She does home boarding in Kiltiernan Co Dublin. I am not sure if Tara from Dog Training Ireland also still takes dogs generally, but she was doing general home boarding too. I have no idea if people are taking dogs over the holidays however. I can give you a contact for a good kennels in Naul that probably will be open -- heated individual kennels and lots of time to play outdoors. Kennels actually do not make too much of a difference to dogs -- I know people who run both and I use both all the time. I would not wish to keep an elderly or ill dog in kennels but believe me -- the owners are a lot more worried about the dog being lonely or in a kenneling situation than the dog is. Mostly they sleep just as they do at home, in provided dog beds, or they are out running about on the grass/garden.

Either way I strongly feel a kennel or proper, professional home boarding is far better than leaving a dog with neighbour or friend or family member :). So many dogs a year are lost/injured when they run away from a home they don't know or get out when someone leaves a door open. It is so much safer to have your dog where it will be professionally watched and enclosed. I'm involved with many dog rescue people and a common tale from distraught owners trying to find their dog is that they left it with someone while they were gone and the dog got out/ran away.

2nd November 2010, 03:49 PM
Sorry Karlin, I am not very good with the different breeds.
He has been out to Dog training with Tara, never thought to ask her. Thanks for your advice. Will also make contact with Thelly.

2nd November 2010, 06:31 PM
No need for an apology; just that King Charles are fairly rare and it would be exciting to have one on the board with all the rest! :lol:

Tara used to run boarding but I am not sure if she is doing it as a regular business still (though worth asking as I know she does still take some dogs :) ). Thelly has a great home boarding service too and takes many cavaliers from the board -- I have had my crew out with both! :D