View Full Version : Are you your dog's or your cat's mummy?

3rd November 2010, 01:44 PM
Personally I detest those terms! :lol: But know others love using them; to each his/her own. :) Very interesting post by Telegraph vet columnist Pete Wedderburn:


3rd November 2010, 02:32 PM
That's really interesting that there is such a shift in attitude within the veterinary profession...

I think it's a matter of personal taste - but do understand why people find the terms offensive.

itís reported that over 90% of newly qualified veterinary graduates in the USA intend to work with pets (http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wirestory?id=12041692&page=1). Only 2% intend to work with large animals, with only 7% aiming at mixed practice.

This is quite concerning for the future of farm animals :(

Daisy's Mom
3rd November 2010, 05:04 PM
Obviously, from my username, I guess I do use the "mom" thing! However, I'm not nearly as devoted to the terminology as some people are. I use it because "master" seems way too domineering, and "owner" too impersonal, although I do use the term "owner" occasionally. If I could think of a better alternative, I probably woudn't use mom. And I NEVER say furbaby or furkids, for what it's worth! :-p I rarely use "mom" w/r/t Daisy in public, and if I do, I get a little embarrassed. I definitely refer to her as my baby, though. And really, she's such a snugglebug that she reminds me of my babies at about 5 months of age. All soft and sweet and cuddly, looking up adoringly into my eyes, completely trusting, etc. OK, I'll stop now.

But believe me, I am a mom, a real human mom to human kids, so I do recognize the difference in roles between being a dog-mom and a kid-mom. (Although my kids accuse me of putting Daisy above them on occasion -- crazy-talk!)

My 10 year old daughter has talked about being an equine vet -- so we may have one very loving horse vet coming down the pike in about 20 years!

3rd November 2010, 05:27 PM
I think guardian is a lovely expression - owner is too derogatory :(

3rd November 2010, 06:28 PM
I'm definitely mummy! :o

3rd November 2010, 06:57 PM
I'm definitely mummy! :o

I'm Mum, but they all seem to know my name is Flo too.

My vet generally calls for Rebel Sinclair or whoever is booked in. I quite like that, as two clients might have the same surname or two dogs be waiting called Rebel.

However, my dogs are dogs, I treat them as dogs and not humans, but I acknowledge they are often on a par with a human toddler.

Three sleep on my bed at night, but not the cock-a-leggie boys, Winston and Joe, who sleep in their crates downstairs.

3rd November 2010, 07:31 PM
Confession time.....Im Leo's Momma:roll:

3rd November 2010, 07:41 PM
OH YES. And I ain't ashamed to say so!

I'm Bob and Belle's Mom and my husband is their Dad and they both know that... also our little girl is their sister, and she really likes saying it!

3rd November 2010, 10:32 PM
mmmmmmmmm i think im more their butler than dad/owner or whatever term folks use ha ha ha ha !!!

3rd November 2010, 10:38 PM
I think I am their slave!! LOL They get food, warm beds, walkies etc etc. After walkies I get to head off to work (All be it part time) then home again to a smashing greeting and walkies again followed by a warm lap, more food, ball games etc!!

I am laughing as I type - I am their "Mummy" :) Kevin is definately "Dad" He likes say it's all my decision when a new animal arrives (To be fair, the new Guinea Pig Trixie was mostly me! But Miffy needed a new friend!!) But when Cassie greets him and pins him to the sofa full of joy to see him he melts completely!!

Cathy Moon
4th November 2010, 12:42 AM
Lately we've been referring to our dogs as our 'companions', and the term came from Geordie's cardiologist. Dr. B. sent us a letter about the new veterinary services at OSU, and said, "we are grateful that you chose us to care for your companion, Geordie."

The term 'companion' fits so well for these sweet little spaniels!

Cathy Moon
4th November 2010, 01:09 AM
Just remembered something, though; when we went to get India out of ICU this weekend to take her home, I do remember holding her close and quietly telling her, "don't worry; mummy is going to take you home." :lotsaluv: I guess when something scary or life-threatening has happened, I do take on the role of their mom and protector, but during normal times I'm more like their friend!

Brian M
4th November 2010, 08:36 AM

I think "Companions" is a nice term ,but "Dad/Daddy" certainly and for Luke "Big Brother" also for me sometimes " Keeper Of The Royal Wallet " or even "Keeper" as its my job to Keep them in the manner they are accustomed to or Keep them supplied with the best food etc.
But they are all certainly Dads little girls and I do miss them when I am at work.:D

Jane P
4th November 2010, 09:49 AM
I agree "companions" is nice but I am "mum" to my two boys. Dylan's opthalmologist referred to me as "mom" when he was talking to Dylan which I really liked and I felt a bit easier about leaving Dylan in his care.

4th November 2010, 09:53 AM
" Keeper Of The Royal Wallet "

:p Love it!

4th November 2010, 02:29 PM
Even though we refer to ourselves as Mom and Dad, it was for our little girl's benefit, if she wasn't around, it would have been our names, methinks. I really like the idea of us being their guardians, as we are guardians of our child as well... and companions, well that is truly what they are...

4th November 2010, 08:48 PM
unquestionably mum/mummy in our house & my girls are "grandpets" to our closest friends!Having no close family, the girls are my family & we often have a *surname*family cuddle.
Jelly is allowed to be a proper dog too tho',roll in muck,chase after birds she will never catch,play rough with her dog friends etc etc Ruby shows no interest in any of it & is quite lady like-when Jels is rough larking with friends she expects to be picked up by me until theyve stopped, my point being i dont make them act like human babies!

Bri i know exactly what you mean! Similarly, if im busy/tired whatever i'll get a look from the girls & i'll say-oh im sorry is service not up to scratch today,begging your pardon!;)

4th November 2010, 10:41 PM
LOL!! my mum calls the dogs her granddogs!!

6th November 2010, 04:32 PM
We didn't intend to refer to ourselves and "Mummy" and "Daddy" especially as we don't have children yet. BUT... it just kinda happened and then one day, my husband said to D'Artagnan "Where's Susan?" and D'Artagnan just looked at him and did the head tilt thing :o so DH went, "Where's Mummy?" and D'Artagnan twisted around until he saw me!

If I call out "Come give Mumma a cuddle" Tagnan will run and put his head on my shoulder. He is just a snuggle bunny!

Karen and Ruby
6th November 2010, 09:07 PM
DEFINATELY a mummy!!!

They know Mummy if you ask them and even though we dont live together anymore they know Daddy aswell.
They get excited if you mention either word as they do when they hear 'dinner' or 'walkies' :D

I have never wanted Children and dont supose I ever will and as a present to myself I bit the bullet and got a tattoo on my back this year with both their names on.

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4046/5151749025_a9c454e85e_m.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/39828667@N02/5151749025/) Its a bit red in the Picture as it was only half hour after it was completed!!

People think Im absolutely barking mad- excuse the Pun, but to me they are more than dogs. Ruby especially is my soul mate and feel every part of her pain as she does mine. She has been my rock through a very very tough couple of years and I will never be able to repay her for what she does for me.

However she is still a dog and I treat her as one- she is allowed to do anything a dog should do- I dont dress her up or buy her diamond collars, she eats out of a stainless steel bowl and no it doesnt have her name on LOL!!

6th November 2010, 10:51 PM
mmmmmmmmm i think im more their butler than dad/owner or whatever term folks use ha ha ha ha !!!


I like Keeper of the Wallet too...

In my house I am just 'the one with opposable thumbs' -- the one who can open tins, food containers and treat bags, and retrieve toys when they gut stuck behind the couch. :rolleyes:

9th November 2010, 03:37 AM
Guilty of calling myself mom also. Have no kids(the closest I will probably get to that is 5 week old twin nephews:lol:), my parents have also refered to my dogs as the grandpets. I call them girls when talking about them to friends though.

I don't have a problem with that, think I have been mom to my pets starting with my first sole owned cat Candy 20 years ago.

10th November 2010, 11:48 PM
my dogs are definately my children and yes i'm mummy and my husband is daddy

myself and my husband class them as our children and they know it

my ruby Rusty like to try and get the other in trouble by doing thing getting them to join in so mummy or daddy will catch the others doing it and tell them it naughty and sit and laugh as if to say haha mummy you did'nt catch me doing it i'm a gd boy :):)

23rd November 2010, 07:17 PM
I'm mam/mammy, auntie Helen to dogs of my friends. Terrible I know but hey I don't care. I reckon the people in my street call me 'that mad woman with the dog' as they often catch me talking away to J (he never answers me ha)