View Full Version : What this forum is for!

5th November 2010, 05:21 PM
I've set up this forum for people who would like to post a mini gallery that chronicles the growth of their pup, from pup to all grown up, in 10 pictures. :D I know people always like to look at puppy-to-adult pictures, especially if you have your very first cavalier and wonder how they will change as they grow.

The idea is that people can choose 10 images they think tell their pup's story, and then post them into a SINGLE POST ideally, or a couple of posts in a SINGLE THREAD. Please keep sizes to small or medium as these let us compare images -- which is nice when looking at how a pup goes from cute pipsqueak to a glorious grown-up! :). You can add captions or not, but it is nice to indicate approximate age in each image.

I've begun the forum by copying in Rae2's post from the Puppy forum, which gave me the idea.