View Full Version : Dylan and Poppy's progress. November 2010.

10th November 2010, 08:28 AM
To recap, Dylan changed from Gabapentin 100mg x 3 plus Rimadyl 20mg x 2 to Pregabalin 50mg x 2 plus Rimadyl 20mg x 2 in September with incredible results. His Rimadyl dose was very high so Clare R decided to switch to Trocoxil which is taken once a month and has less dips in pain control as it stays in the system for 30 days.

At first, you give two doses of Trocoxil two weeks apart, this second dose is a loading dose (to let the drug build up in the system) so it made sense that the effects would improve in time. We saw a decline in his strength on Pregabalin/Trocoxil compared to Gabapentin/Rimadyl and I was thinking of asking Clare if we could try going back on Rimadyl but a lower dose. Until, that is, last night. Dylan was able to jump on Ash's bed. The way I judge Dylan's progress is by how high he can jump and his face. With all this rain we have been having (change in air pressure) he hasn't been looking good in his face but last night I was so happy, he jumped up on Ash's bed. Previously he could only do this on Pregabapentin and Rimadyl.

Poppy is on Trocoxil alone. I haven't seen much change but maybe I have to wait like I did for Dylan. Clare said we might change it. Poppy is otherwise oblivious to her condition and has just jumped off the back of the sofa and onto the dinner table and is drinking my tea. It's a good job she pays her way with cuddles! :wggle: